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Making Your Manufactured Home Cat Friendly

Cats and Kittens are the comfort of any family home, whether it’s a single person home or a house with a family of four living inside. If they’re not sleeping, they usually walk around minding their own business, keeping to themselves, which can sometimes lead to trouble if you don’t keep a keen eye on them. Cats like to roam around and often get into stuff they shouldn’t get into without making the slightest noise.  

Cats and kittens are always welcome at HomeFirst™ and they deserve a comfortable living environment just as much as you do. There are specific ways you can keep your cat occupied and entertained without them getting into something that might hurt them or damage your new manufactured home. You shouldn’t be afraid of your cat getting into something they shouldn’t be while you’re out at our 24-hour fitness center or when you’re out playing with your kids at one of your community’s sporting grounds.

A simple way to keep your cat entertained, and to keep it from climbing all over you or your furniture, is to purchase some cat toys at the local pet store. Toys are a great way to keep your cat out of trouble because they’ll be able to direct their energy into something safe and acceptable.

You might not even have to pay much for a toy your cat would love; you could have things around the house that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end. For example, cats just can’t seem to get enough spare cardboard boxes!

Cat furniture is sometimes expensive, but it would look great in your manufactured home. Although they might not show it, your feline will be ecstatic to see it has a great structure to climb on all day and you’ll be less stressed knowing your cat isn’t going to get into anything around the house that it shouldn’t.  

The manufactured homes you’ll find in HomeFirst™ communities often have three or four bedrooms, so if you have an extra room to work with, you could turn one of those rooms into your cat’s room by putting their litter box, bed, and cat furniture in there.  
Don’t shy away from moving into a HomeFirst™ Home because you have a cat.  Make your cat feel like they’re right at home when you move into one of our manufactured homes.  It only takes minutes to apply on our website to make it happen right away!  

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