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Making the Most of Your Education at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

As a resident of our Plymouth Hills community, your kids will have access to one of the best public school systems in Michigan. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are rated in the top 15% of all school districts in Michigan.  Not only do students here get a first-rate education, simply going to school in this district is a truly unique experience in other ways, too.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools includes three high schools: Canton High School, Plymouth High School, and Salem High School. The interesting thing about this is that all three schools are located in separate buildings, but they’re all located on one campus called the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. All students in these schools are assigned to a “home” school, which they officially graduate from and play sports for, but students are welcome to go between schools to take classes and participate in extracurricular groups at each of the schools. This kind of flexibility means students can have an educational experience that just can’t be beat!

The amount of classes and extracurricular activities available to students of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park is truly amazing. During the school day, kids are able to take the typical classes like math, English, and history, but they can also take classes that allow them to do things like learn about automotive repair, produce a news show, work in a restaurant, run a store, work in a preschool setting, and more.

As far as extracurricular activities go, the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park has plenty! No matter what your teen’s interests are, there’s bound to be a group for them to get involved with here. Between all three high schools, there are over 130 different sports teams and over 95 clubs to join. In addition to all those athletic teams, there are two theater groups, six choirs, two orchestra classes, an award-winning marching band, a robotics club, science olympiad teams, quiz bowl teams, a radio station club, a debate club, a puppetry club, and so much more. There are also several groups dedicated to celebrating languages and cultural heritages, like a French club, a Polish American club, and a Diversity Council. Canton High School has two darkrooms, so students who have an interest in photography will have a chance to have fun, learn more about photography, and hone their skills.

If you want your kids to get off to the best start by having the best education they can, Plymouth Hills is the place to be. Best of all, you’ll have an incredibly affordable home in a beautiful community to make it happen. In addition to having access to this truly unique educational system, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your kids are growing up in a very safe area. This community is located in Plymouth Township, which has a very low crime rate. In fact, Plymouth Township has repeatedly been rated by several publications as one of the best cities to live in in the entire country!
Stop paying more to live in cities that don’t have nearly as much to offer! Start getting the most out of life at Plymouth Hills. Take a look at some of the wonderful manufactured homes for sale and rent in this ideal community. With so many homes available for such amazing prices, you’ll be getting a truly incredible value by living here.

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