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Make the Inside of Your Manufactured Home Brighter This Winter

Winter is Coming!

With the winter only a month or so away and the days getting shorter, you’re going to want to find as many ways to keep your home warm on a consistent basis. You don’t feel like cranking the heat because you don’t want to pay all that extra money.  So, what other options do you have?  Adding natural sunlight into any room, with the addition of your normal amount of heat, will make it warmer without paying extra. Plus, making things brighter in your new home will help make the shorter days a little more bearable.

The manufactured homes at HomeFirst™ are built for the winter weather because all of the homes are built where the floors, walls, and ceilings are single units, so there aren’t as many gaps for heat to escape through.  Not only does HomeFirst™ have comfortable homes, but we also have a snow removal service, so when those unexpected blizzard like conditions take us by surprise, we’ll help you get out and where you need to be as soon as possible.

Mirrors Make Your Life Brighter

Obviously, you don’t want a house of mirrors in your living room, but adding one or two throughout the main part of your manufactured home will help expand the natural light already shining through the windows.  The extra brightness in the house will surely help to raise your spirit in the morning before you head off to work.

Change Up Your Curtains

If you have heavy, dark curtains, it might be time to switch things up because that natural light you block off with those curtains can keep your house from warming up and help you enjoy as much daylight as you possibly can during the shortest days of the year.  Besides, changing up your curtains is an easy way to give a room a whole new look.  Look for curtains online or at your local home goods store in which you can invest in a brighter, happier household.

Another option is to consider insulated curtains, which can help keep heat in your home. They aren’t as sheer as many other types of curtains, but they are a practical way to help keep your home warm.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Of course it’s recommended that if you want a brighter house, you have to make sure there are light colors in the room already.  This starts with the colors of your walls, and when you live in a HomeFirst™ community, you’re welcome to paint your walls any color you like. Painting a room white or a light shade of grey will allow light to soar around the room and brighten up that cold winter day.  If there is someone that you live with that loves to decorate, let them put up some light colored decorations that will let natural light be easily reflective.  

Don’t wait for the winter weather to get here before you start preparing for it.  Get ready for winter in your HomeFirst™ manufactured home today by allowing natural light to heat up your home without any troubles.   

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