How to Make Friends as an Adult

When you’re an adult, making new friends can be surprisingly difficult. But it’s much easier when you live in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community!

We host events in each of our manufactured home communities designed to bring residents with shared interests together for some interactive fun and entertainment. From bingo and cooking classes to arts and crafts, there’s an event for everyone. If you’re a resident, sign into our HomeFirstTM Certified Resident Portal to learn about upcoming events and activities, as well as other community information.

Our organizers are always looking for new group activities; so if you have a suggestion, just let your site manager know!

Aside from designated group events, there are other ways to make friends inside your community. As our residents already know, HomeFirstTM Certified Communities boast some of the best recreational facilities around. When the weather warms up, head to the neighborhood pool to soak in the sun with your neighbors. Or, visit the community basketball court and join a pick-up game. These are great ways to make new friends, regardless of age.

Here are some ways to make friends outside your manufactured home community:

1) Join a sports team: Sports are a great way to meet people with common interests. Even in a non-competitive recreational league, you’ll build camaraderie with your teammates that extends beyond the playing field.

2) Volunteer: When you join a volunteering effort, you’re bound to meet warm, welcoming people. This is the type of person you want to become friends with. As a bonus, volunteering boosts your self-esteem and allows you to make a difference in the lives of others.

3) Look online: Several websites have sprouted in recent years intended to connect people looking for new friends. One website,, allows members to join groups such as “Metro Detroit Athletes” or “Happy Hour Thursdays.” The group dynamic eliminates the pressure and awkwardness long associated with friendship mixers.

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