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Maintaining Your Gutters on Your Manufactured Home

You already know how much money you’re saving just by living in a HomeFirst™ community, but did you know you can actually save yourself even more money by cleaning out gutters all by yourself?  If you don’t clean them out properly, though, you might be in more trouble of making things worse.  Following a few simple steps taking only an hour or two out of your day is all you need to save yourself some cash along with creating a free-flowing system in which water that falls into your gutters can easily make its way to the ground and be directed away from your home.

Leaves and dirt are the main components of buildup in your gutters, especially in the fall.  If you don’t take the time to clean out your gutters, you could damage your roof along with the siding of your home in the winter time due to the ice that could build up on the side of your manufactured home, and who wants that?

Safety First

Dealing with such a nasty chore calls for some safety measures. This is a task you don’t want to rush, and you’re going to want to do a thorough job. This way you only have to deal with cleaning out your manufactured home’s gutters once a year as opposed to two or three times every year.

Make sure you use a ladder that is of appropriate height to your gutters, along with a pair of heavy duty gloves because you never know what you’re going to find up there.  Before you start climbing the ladder, make sure it is stable on the ground.  You don’t want to use a pair of rubber gloves to clean your gutters out because all it takes is a sharp twig or stick to rip through your glove which will leave a serious cut on your hand, and that’s not fun to deal with.

The Process of Cleaning Out Gutters

After you have your sturdy ladder set up and ready to go and your heavy duty gloves on, it’s time to start cleaning. To reduce the mess that you make from all of the muck in your gutters, you might want to lay a tarp on the ground to collect all the dirt and leaves.  This will ensure that the cleanup process will be fast and easy after all of the disgusting matter is out of the gutters. If you have good aim, you can throw everything in a garbage can lined with a garbage bag. When you’re all done cleaning everything out that you can in the gutters, try reaching your garden hose up on the ladder to rinse it out.  This way you can make sure nothing is getting clogged in the downspout.  Once you see water flow from the gutters through the bottom of the downspout, you’re all finished.  
Your house at HomeFirst™ will look and run much more smoothly once all the gutters are cleaned up. It will be a smooth winter not having to worry about ice building up in your gutters because nothing will be holding water up there.  If you don’t live in one already live in a HomeFirst™ community, take a look at some of the manufactured homes we have available and see all the benefits our communities have to offer!

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