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Maintaining Your Driveway at HomeFirst™

If you haven’t moved into a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community yet, it’s time to start reconsidering.  There’s no excuse not to move in one as you can buy a brand new manufactured house that no one has lived in for a fraction of what it might cost just to rent a traditional home.  When you move into a traditional house you might have to travel miles before you arrive at a park or public basketball court, but at HomeFirst™ you can walk to either one within minutes.  We also have plenty of other grounds to play sports on like soccer and baseball fields, as well as volleyball courts.  

Most of our manufactured homes also come with driveways that can hold up to three cars.  With cars constantly coming in and going out of your driveway, it’s bound to get dirty at some point.  Especially with the on going inconsistent weather Michigan brings, you never know how dirty your driveway may get. When you put a lot of time and effort into making your home’s yard looking beautiful, you don’t want it to be marred by a stained driveway. There are proper ways to clean your driveway, though, so it stays looking brand new.

When cleaning your driveway, there are different cleaners that you must prep and use differently. Alkaline and enzymatic cleaners are only two different types of cleaners you can use which will remove different stains that may be on your driveway.  We mention these two cleaners because they’re the ones that you would most likely use on your driveway. You’ll use the alkaline cleaner to remove oil or grease that may get on your driveway after you get done changing your oil or making minor car repairs, which will save you money because you don’t have to take it to the auto shop to get it done. Living in an apartment wouldn’t allow you to do that because you don’t have big enough of a private area to work.  Enzymatic cleaners, also often called oxidation cleaners, help more if you have pets that are outside a lot because these are the best for removing stubborn pet-related stains on your driveway.

Don’t worry about making a mess doing minor car repairs, or oil changes in your driveway ever again because with the help of these simple cleaning solutions your driveway will always look fresh and new. Not only will you feel better after working hard to make your driveway look brand new, but all of your neighbors will be looking twice and complimenting you on how great your home and yard looks the next time they see you.    
If you haven’t moved into a HomeFirst™ community yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! We have benefits that apartments and traditional homes can’t offer you.  Look into our communities and take a look at some of the manufactured homes we have for sale. You won’t regret moving into a HomeFirst™ community!

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