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Learning Life Skills Through Sports at Holly High School

High school is a time for academics, personal growth, and athletics. While high school sports may not get as much attention here in Michigan as they do in states like Texas and Alabama they are still important for a well-rounded high school experience. Holly High School athletics, as part of the Flint Metro League, gives student athletes the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits participating in high school sports can give. We have compiled a list of three ways taking part in high school athletics will benefit a student during school and for the rest of their life.

Healthy Lifestyle

People in the United States have reached a level of obesity never before seen in our history, and this is due mainly to an increase in the consumption of unhealthy foods and the decline in everyday physical activity. A simple way to begin reversing this trend is to encourage younger generations to eat better foods and to exercise more. Becoming active early on, especially in high school, will help teens develop healthy habits they can maintain throughout life.

High school athletes work out and eat healthier because doing so helps with their performance in whichever sport they participate in. Student athletes tend to do cardio activities to promote endurance and lung capacity, which are beneficial in all sports, and they usually eat healthier foods because their bodies crave the nutrients lost during exercise. Also, studies indicate that students who participate in high school sports are less likely to take part in risky behavior such as drinking and taking drugs.

Teamwork and Social Skills

As an adult, working well with others and having the ability to communicate effectively is essential to progressing both in a career and in everyday life. Student athletes learn early on that any good sports team relies on teamwork and the effort of everyone on the team, otherwise it will crumble when it is up against competitors. Athletes quickly learn that discovering where one fits within the team, and understanding how each role is necessary for the whole team to do well, is of the utmost importance. Communicating with each member of the team requires patience and the ability to recognize that everyone learns things differently – there is no “right way” to go about figure something out.

Owning Personal Mistakes and Victories

An important lesson adults (hopefully) learn at some point in their careers is that we all make mistakes, and that we need to own up to them. This means we recognize and take responsibility for whatever we did, and then we do what is necessary to fix it. If there is no way to repair the mistake, we deal with the consequences and refrain from blaming others. We own it.

On the flip side, we also learn that our victories, whether large or small, should be celebrated. We should feel good about our accomplishments, but we recognize that other people – our supervisors or peers, for example – may not notice or realize how much an achievement means to us. Which is okay. We learn, just like student athletes learn, that occasionally we are the only ones who are excited for something we did, and being okay with that will sometimes be necessary.

Whether your teen is interested in skiing, hockey, basketball, football, volleyball or some other sport, there are many options available for them to choose from. This year make it a point to encourage your teen to become a Holly High School student athlete, the skills and habits they gain will benefit them throughout their lives.


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