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Learn Some New Dance Moves With Sugar House Blues

Got the blues? Come dance them away with Sugar House Blues in Lansing. Sugar House Blues is a group dedicated to blues dancing and hosts open dance events the first and third Friday of every month. Admission is just $5 and the open dance runs from 9:00 PM until midnight. Dancers with all levels of experience are welcome to join in. Each dance features DJ’ed music that ranges from contemporary blues music to classic standards. Dances are held at the AA Creative Corridor at 1113 S. Washington Avenue in Lansing.

If you don’t know the first thing about blues dancing, that’s OK! Before each of their dances, the group offers free classes for beginners at 8:00 PM so beginners can come in, learn some basics, then put what they’ve learned into practice during the dance. No need to register in advance for the beginner classes, just drop in. Classes are taught by Sugar House Blues co-founders Maggie, Ryan, and Kent, who have several years of experience with blues and other styles of dancing.

Although there are many places to go dancing in Lansing, the dances with Sugar House Blues are very unique because there aren’t many other dance groups that specialize in blues dancing. Currently, Sugar House Blues is only one of two blues dancing groups in Michigan. Blues dancing first saw a surge of popularity around the turn of the 20th century when blues and ragtime started working their way out of New Orleans and became popular in other parts of the country. However, blues dancing fell out of favor when rock and roll came into popularity and is now only really kept alive by some dedicated groups and as a small part of the swing dancing scene.

Sugar House Blues was started in 2014 by a group of dancers who noticed the lack of attention being given to blues dancing in Michigan and decided to form an organization to fill that void. The group’s mission is to raise awareness of blues dancing and teach it to anyone who wants to learn. As the group continues to grow, they hope to eventually offer more events, join festivals, and offer intermediate and advanced blues dancing classes.

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