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Learn More, Do More With Potterville Public Schools

Do you have a hard time resisting small town charm? If so, then you might like living in our Independence Commons community, which is located in Potterville, Michigan. Potterville is less than two square miles, so it really is a small town. But it’s also not far from bustling Lansing, Michigan, so you can have the best of both worlds! Your children will also have access to some great schools. If you decide to call our Independence Commons community home, you will be living just a stone’s throw away from the Potterville Public School District.

The Potterville Public School district consists of Potterville Elementary School, Potterville Middle School, and Potterville High School. These are schools where you can send your children without having to worry about classes being so crowded that teachers can’t give students individual attention. They pride themselves on being a small district that serves about 950 students. These are the types of schools where everybody knows each other and teachers can really get to know their students.

Just because it’s a small school district, that doesn’t mean it lacks quality teachers or that students have limited opportunities. Students in Potterville Public Schools have the chance to participate in several sports teams (including baseball, basketball, track, football, and more) band and/or choir, and more! High school students can also take advantage of dual enrollment options with Lansing Community College so students can earn college credit before enrolling in college. Wondering about the quality of education the students get here? Their annual education reports are available on their website.

Do you have children of a wide range of ages? Perhaps one child is in elementary school, while another is in middle school, and another is in high school. If so, you know what a challenge it can be to make sure everyone gets dropped off or picked up on time when you have to go to so many different places. But with Potterville Public Schools, the high school, middle school, and elementary school are all located on the same campus. No need to worry about rushing from one part of town to another to get everyone to school on time; they’re all conveniently located in the same general area!

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