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Latest Kitchen Trends for Your Davisburg Manufactured Home

If you love home décor, you’ll see that there are great design elements integrated into today’s manufactured homes. The latest in kitchen trends are kept in mind with layout as well as finishes. Today’s homes make great use of every inch of living space for functionality and storage and do so while offering the benefits of an open design so that cooking and cleaning can be done while entertaining guests and/or keeping an eye on the family.

Manufactured Homes with Breakfast Bars and Kitchen Islands

Breakfast bars make for a great option that offers extra prep area, ample storage underneath, and seating for the family. Depending on your layout you might have an island in lieu of a dining set, but with the beautiful finishes of today’s design trends, it can still serve for meals with a more formal appeal in addition to entertaining with family and friends. Many of our Davisburg manufactured homes have room for both a breakfast bar as well as a table and chairs or even a traditional dining suite.

Today’s design trends mean you can have marble, quartz, or granite-lookalikes (that look good but don’t break the bank) coupled with trendy-looking appliances and finishes. If you prefer a more retro look to your kitchen, you can also opt for pastel-colored retro appliances.

Depending on the mobile home community you choose, you could also have access to party rooms that are fully equipped with kitchens to make entertaining a larger crowd that much easier.

Color Palette Trends for Kitchens in 2020

It’s expected that a neutral color palette will continue to be a trend in 2020 with white, beige, or light gray being very popular for wall and flooring colors. Why do neutral colors work so well for manufactured homes? They add to the spacious feeling of your space, rather than doing what darker colors can do, which is to make smaller spaces feel almost claustrophobic. With today’s open plan popularity, lighter color throughout the space is popular for a fresh, clean, and spacious feeling.

Many design experts recommend two neutral colors in the space that work well together to inject personality, such as white and light grey or beige.

When choosing appliance colors, you might be interested in the trend of stainless steel. This is a great choice. There are other great options, such as black, which works well in contrast to neutral colors. If you’re on a budget, black tends to be less expensive than stainless steel.

If you’re interested in stainless steel but are concerned about the need to continuously dust and polish with fingerprints, there are brushed steel finishes that are more forgiving as well as pewter or gunmetal finishes that look great and are on-trend.

Home Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can do great things for style, ambiance, and mood. Whether your home is larger or smaller, great lighting can add to the space. Pot lighting, pendant lights over your kitchen island, and subtle lighting for cozy evenings inside all lend to the appeal of your space. And today’s LED lighting options will slash your electrical expenses while giving you great options depending on the purpose of the room, such as cool or warm tones so that you can opt for cool white giving you brighter lighting for kitchen prep zones and the bathroom where you need great lighting for make-up application or shaving and warmer tones for dining, living spaces, and bedrooms.

Those looking at mobile homes for sale in Davisburg will see that there are great options for spacious and modern kitchens that serve you well for all your cooking and entertaining needs. You can have a functional kitchen in your Davisburg mobile home while keeping up with the latest kitchen trends. Even those looking at resale homes will find beautiful finishes and affordable luxury.

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