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Know Your Manufactured Housing Vocabulary

If you’ve ever tried looking for a new home, you know that sometimes reading listings for homes can feel like you’re trying to read something written in a different language. With so many abbreviations to know and terminology to be aware of, it can get overwhelming.

If you’re considering moving into a manufactured home in one of our HomeFirst™ communities but have never lived in a manufactured home before, we’re sure you’re doing lots of research about all the benefits manufactured homes have to offer. In the course of doing your research, there might be some terms you keep coming across, but you aren’t exactly sure what they mean. Let us help you make some sense out of it all! Here’s a handy reference explaining some common manufactured housing-related terminology.

Manufactured Home: A manufactured home is a type of highly affordable housing that is built indoors in a factory, then transported to their site for installation and final assembly. The factory building process is what really sets manufactured homes apart from ordinary homes, which are built completely on site. Since June 15, 1976, all new manufactured homes in the United States have been built according to standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These standards ensure manufactured homes are high quality, durable structures that will last for decades to come.

Site-Built or Stick-Built Home: Site-built and stick-built are terms we use to refer to ordinary houses that are built completely on site using traditional building methods. Since they’re built using very different building methods, we use these terms to differentiate between the two types of housing.

Skirting: Instead of being set directly on the ground, most manufactured homes are set on blocks and piers, which keep the home elevated a little bit above the ground. To give your house a more finished look, skirting is installed to cover the gap between the ground and your home. In addition to giving a manufactured home a more polished appearance, skirting helps to prevent animals from moving in underneath your home, keeps water out, and helps to keep heat in your home during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

Site or Lot Rent: HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities are land-lease communities, meaning you can own your home, but you rent the land it sits on. Site or lot rent is the amount you pay to rent the land your home is on. This can have some financial benefits for you, the homeowner, since you can reap the benefits of being a homeowner but without being responsible for paying property taxes.

Single or Double Width: Single or double width refers to the size of your manufactured home. Single-width manufactured homes tend to be longer in length but narrower, while double-width homes are wider, but a little shorter in length. Single-width homes can be transported to the site as one unit, whereas double-width homes are brought to the site in two separate units, then joined together on site.  Both single and double width homes can be found in our HomeFirst™ communities, so no matter how large of a home you need, there’s an affordable manufactured home option for you!

If you have any other questions about manufactured homes or about living in one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have communities located in several of Michigan’s most desirable neighborhoods and with so many great locations to choose from, we’re sure you’re bound to find a home that’s just what you need.

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