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Keeping Warm This Winter

It is cold in the Mitten!  After having some unseasonably warm weather, temperatures have now dipped into the single digits in southeast Michigan. This is a good time to remind ourselves of some safety tips to stay warm outside. Let’s break it down!


Wear a hat!

You probably remember your parents telling you as a kid “Don’t forget your hat.” The head is where your body can lose a lot of heat. So it’s best to keep it covered.


Lay it on thick!

Layers are a great way to stay warm and allow you to adjust to different temperatures; but make sure not to overdo it. If you are sweating in your layers, it can dampen your skin and clothes. This can lead to further chill.


Smitten for Mittens!

Mittens are typically warmer than gloves because the heat generated from your fingers is shared, rather then stuck in a tunnel of fabric.


Protect the Piggies!

Thick boots that protect your feet from the elements are your first line of defense. But make sure your toes are able to wiggle. Wiggle room allows for better circulation, which helps blood flow and keeps your feet warm.


Drink Water! What?

Believe it or not, drinking water helps your body stay warm. You need water to keep your blood pumping. People tend to become dehydrated in the winter without knowing it. If the thought of a cold glass of water doesn’t appeal to you, try adding some lemon to jazz it up.

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