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Keeping Cool – and Saving Money – In Warmer Months

So maybe it’s still wishful thinking, but spring and summer aren’t too far away! We’ve all been there – for a few weeks after spring begins, everyone is just excited to be outside basking in the sun’s rays and enjoying the fresh air after months of winter.

But then it hits you – your house is suddenly really warm! The temperature keeps rising, and you keep having to wrestle with the air conditioner, and that can start to get pricey. Lucky for you, your manufactured home is already pretty energy efficient, but there’s a few things you can specifically do in the warmer months to keep your house comfortable and your bills low.

Window Film – No, not a movie about windows, window film is a plastic sheet that you can attach to the windows in your home to keep the sun out and lower temperatures! By reducing the amount of sun rays and UV light filtering through your house, you can do a lot to lower the temperature of your house and prevent unneeded use of your air conditioner. On top of all that, they also increase privacy in your home! A few companies make window film such as Gila and 3M, and they’re easy to find at stores.

Ceiling Fans Okay, everyone has ceiling fans, right? But did you know the direction they rotate can actually affect the temperature of your house, depending on the time of year? Many ceiling fans give you the option for either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. When it gets warm out, setting your fan blades to rotate counter-clockwise will help push cool air further through the house and stop warm air from building up. Different ceiling fans will have different settings for this so you may want to check your instruction manual (and be sure to be very careful!), but if you need some more general advice you can check out eHow.

Window Usage – This sounds a little obvious – keep your windows open! – but when and how you open your windows counts for a lot. Only keep the windows open on the shady side of the house, keep them open only about halfway, and try to only open them when it’s cooler outside than in (especially at night). Using box fans occasionally will help the air circulate, but don’t use them too long – they’ll just start bringing in warm air and then you’re back to square one!

These are but a few tips to keep your home both cool and energy efficient. Hopefully, when the warm weather finally arrives, you’ll be prepared!

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