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Joyous to Live in Jackson!

HomeFirst™ in Jackson

As you and your family are looking for a new place to live, make sure you check out Jackson County and two of the wonderful HomeFirst™ Communities.  The Walnut Ridge and English Meadows communities in Jackson are two of the finest places to live because of all the benefits that come along with moving in.  When you come to the realization that you won’t find a better place to live, you’ll reap the HomeFirst™ benefits of a 24-hour gym and sports facilities that include an inline hockey rink, basketball court, as well as soccer and baseball fields.  All of the homes within the Walnut Ridge and English Meadows communities are available with up to 2,300 feet of space that you can customize to your liking. You can even host a personal family party at our clubhouse in which everybody outside the intermediate family can be invited because HomeFirst™ can accommodate plenty of people in our spacious clubhouses at any of our communities all over Southeastern Michigan.  

Education in Jackson

If you’re moving into one of our HomeFirst™ communities in Jackson, you’ll be grateful to realize that there are 12 public school districts that run through the county of Jackson as well. If you prefer private schools over public schools, you’re in luck as well because there are also seven private and parochial schools within the county.  There are also three colleges/universities, including Baker College, Jackson Community College, and Spring Arbor University, that are within the county’s border as well.  So, regardless if your kids are 10 or 20 years old, you can ensure that when you move into either Walnut Ridge or English Meadows that they will be educated to the fullest extent with some of the finest teachers and professors in the state of Michigan.  

Safety and Fun in Jackson

Crime in Jackson is taken seriously, and it’s proven by an interactive map that shows where all crimes are reported within the city and county.  All of Jackson’s crime statistics are available on the Police Department’s website.  Both the county and city police department is located in the downtown area to ensure the safety of all the citizens and act quickly as possible whenever an emergency gets called in.  Besides safety, Jackson is all about having a good time because there are 22 parks in the county that you and your kids can check out once you’re done having fun in your HomeFirst™ Community.  All of the recreational opportunities within the community’s border are encouraged to be played as safe as possible so, nobody gets hurt and everyone has a good time.  

If you’re planning on moving into the Jackson area soon, you’re best bet is to move into one of the two HomeFirst™ communities and experience the simplest way of living that there is. Once you pick up the keys to your manufactured home, you won’t want to turn back because you won’t have anything to be upset about.  Make either Walnut Ridge or English meadows in Jackson your new home today!

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