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Is it Hard to Relocate a Manufactured Home?

Although manufactured homes can be moved, it’s a process that is much easier said than done, which is why manufactured homes are rarely moved once they reach their initial site.

Finding a mover who can move your manufactured home is often one of the biggest challenges of the process. You’ll have to find a mover who is licensed to move homes, carries the proper insurance, and will get all the essential permits. Regulations about moving homes can vary from state to state, so If you’re thinking of moving a manufactured home between states, you’ll have to either make sure the mover is licensed to move homes in the state you’ll be moving to and any other states they’ll be passing through along the way, or find another mover to take over the job once the mover reaches the state border.

If you are thinking of moving a manufactured home from one state to another, you’ll have to check to make sure your home meets the building standards of the state it’s being moved to. For example, manufactured homes in hurricane prone states need to be built to withstand higher speed winds. So you wouldn’t be able to move a manufactured home that was meant to be placed in Michigan to Florida because it’s not made to withstand those types of winds. But, you could move a home built to Florida’s standards to Michigan since it exceeds Michigan’s wind zone standards.

Moving a manufactured home can also get expensive. But if you have a manufactured home you would like to move into one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities, we can help make the process a little easier for you! We will actually cover the cost of moving your manufactured home into one of our communities! Contact us today for more information!


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