Is Black Friday Shopping Worth It?

Black Friday is a day when millions of people descend on the malls and other retail establishments to find great deals on Christmas gifts. The name Black Friday was derived from the fact that this is the day when retailers typically go into the black for the year. Although retailers do their best to attract customers on this day, is shopping on Black Friday worth it?

The Deals Start Earlier Each Year

Retailers have decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving day in the hopes of drawing in consumers who don’t want to brave the Black Friday crowds. It is also common to see special deals being advertised in the days before Thanksgiving and in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With so many deals and sales being run before and after Black Friday, it may not be worth getting up before the sun to save $10 on a toy for your kid.

The Internet Changed The Game

Consumers can get the same deals from home that they would get in stores without braving the crowds. All they have to do is get on their computer, go to the retailer’s website and order their products online. Shipping is usually free and the discounts may be deeper on certain items. If you don’t want to do your shopping at Target or Macy’s, you can go to Amazon or eBay to find great deals from private sellers.

Not Everyone Can Afford To Get To The Store On That One Day

What would you do if you lived in a manufactured home that was far from the mall or had to work that day? In that scenario, it may not be worth it to spend money on gas or take the day off from work just to go shopping. In many cases, the best deals are on items that are not widely available in the store. Unless you are one of the first people in line, you aren’t going to get that television or new toy car that is being advertised at a 50 percent discount.

Black Friday used to be a time when you could get great deals on Christmas gifts for your friends and family members. Today, it is just a spectacle that isn’t worth taking part in. With the advent of online shopping combined with a sluggish economy, you are better off waiting until you find something that you want to buy as opposed to buying it when a retailer tells you to.

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