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Insulating a Mobile Home – How do you know if it’s needed?

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Insulating a mobile home can be very costly. Before you invest, check out these tips to help you recognize signs that your mobile home needs insulation improvements.

  1. Noticing a draft is a key signal that insulating a mobile home is necessary. Your most efficient insulation solution can be found by obtaining clues about your home’s key drafty spots. With the cold and windy season quickly approaching, spend time checking all your windows and doors, and any vents leading to the outside to see if you feel any drafts making their way into the home.
  2. Another way winter cold enters your home is through your floors. To prevent this cold air from creeping in, consider adding insulation under the mobile home. Use an insulation blower to distribute the insulation evenly to ensure that the entire area of your home is covered.

You can discover your homes unique insulation needs on your own, before you spend a fortune on unnecessary amendments.

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