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Inexpensive DIY Curtains

Whether you are trying to complete the look of a living space, or you are trying to block out sunlight (or pesky neighbors), curtains can be a great way to bring style into your home. Although curtains can be expensive, with a little imagination and a DIY spirit you can turn a non-curtain into a window covering worth every penny saved!


Drop Cloth: Neutral colors, a cheap price and a variety of dimensions make this option a favorite. You can find them at home improvement stores.

Tablecloths: By using two rectangular tablecloths, you end up with two nice, full panels for a window. These wooden rings with clips make it easy to turn the tablecloth into a window shade with no sewing.

Shower Curtain: So many shower curtains are cloth these days. Why not grab a few and use them as window shades? They even have the holes in them already for hanging with ribbon or window hooks.

Bed Sheet: Using two twin flat sheets will cover a 3-foot-wide window and can be bought in a variety of colors.

Ready to Hang Options: These can be very inexpensive and will save you on time. You can get 1 pair at Ikea for $9.99 in great patterns!


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