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How to Turn Your Tax Refund into a New Home

Most people agonize over filing their taxes and keep their fingers crossed that they will be able to gain a sizable refund. However, when you expect a refund from taxes, that agony can turn into excitement.

A tax return can be a very nice surprise to your new year. However, it can be tempting to spend this return on a new entertainment system, a vacation, or another purchase that will bring you instant gratification. While these purchases may bring you joy in the short term, they are not investments in your future. You may be asking yourself what you could do with only a few thousand dollars that would be beneficial to your future. Thinking tax refund money as a down payment could be the last thing in mind for those who haven’t looked at all of their options. Many people don’t believe they can afford a down payment on a home. However, when looking at manufactured homes from HomeFirst™, this could be a great option for you and your family.

Using Your Tax Refund for a Home

When you look at your tax refund, what do you see? Look beyond the monetary value on that refund check to the bigger picture. You can use your tax reimbursement wisely, as part of the down payment for your own home. At the same time, you can gain instant gratification as you would for buying clothes or jewelry. If you buy a mobile home through HomeFirst™ Certified, your refund amount can be matched dollar-for-dollar toward your down payment up to $2,500.

How does using your tax refund for a down payment on a home help you? Not only are you investing in a home of your own, but you can gain TWICE the buying power when HomeFirst™ Certified matches your refund amount. The more money you gain through your income tax refund, the more HomeFirst™ Certified matches and the less you have to finance for your home. That means a reduced mortgage payment every month, resulting in long term savings and creating a solid investment for your family’s future stability.

How Much Should You Expect from the IRS?

The IRS reported that the average income tax refund amount in 2015 was $3,120. If you receive an average tax refund of just over $3,000, that can be a significant portion of a down payment on a HomeFirst™ Certified home. But if you act now to use that income tax refund for your down payment, you can double the amount through up to $2,500 in tax refund matching from HomeFirst™ Certified. In many cases, this is enough to get you into your own home quickly and easily.

For many people, a tax refund is not very large. But you can still double that tax refund amount when buying your home through HomeFirst™ Certified. HomeFirst™ Certified will match any amount up to $2,500. HomeFirst™ communities have manufactured homes available now throughout Michigan and it is a great time to buy your very own dream home.

You may be tempted to go out and splurge with your tax refund. But splurging only feels good for a few moments or days. What are you left with, after that good feeling of instant gratification wears off? If you go to HomeFirst™ Certified, your instant gratification can last a lifetime, getting you into the home you want. A simple check from the IRS can fast track you into the home you want with the added bonus of fund matching up to $2,500 from HomeFirst™ Certified.

A Popular and Affordable Alternative to Apartments or Condos

Modular homes are becoming a very popular option for new homeowners. These homes are perfect for recent college grads just starting their career. As a starter home, this real estate option can be a perfect way to build equity and credit for future home purchases. For those who are looking to make the jump from apartment to a home, modular homes are also an amazing option. With the current state of the real estate industry, those who were once living in an apartment will find that they are most likely paying less on their mortgage than they were on their rent for their apartment.

Retiring? Downgrade Expenses and Upgrade Luxury

As life progresses, couples may find that they do not need the space that they once did in their home. When kids graduate high school and leave for college, a house can sit empty with many rooms not being used. A modular home can be a great way to downgrade in square footage and many times an upgrade in quality of living. Homeowners that have their homes paid off can harvest a large portion of their equity which can be used for hobbies, starting a business, traveling, or other activities. For those homeowners who still have payments on their home, they will be able to lower those monthly payments greatly by moving to a smaller modular home.

What is a HomeFirst™ Certified home?

HomeFirst™ Certified homes are beautiful manufactured single-family houses designed to suit your lifestyle. A HomeFirst™ Certified home can get you out of apartment or townhome living and into your own home with space to call your own. You can stop feeling pinned within a micromanaged condo community or in such close proximity to your apartment or townhome neighbors that you have no privacy.

HomeFirst™’s manufactured homes are well built with great quality. These homes meet and exceed the standards of accountability, safety, energy efficiency and structural integrity required by the HUD Code. We go beyond the minimum requirements and build homes using only quality materials and our homes are constructed by highly skilled craftsmen. Third party inspectors ensure each home meets the stringent requirements of the government. We proudly set the bar for quality much higher than your average manufactured home.

HomeFirst™ communities are very luxurious and a relaxing place to live. The interior of these homes are equipped with some of the most up-to-date appliances on the market. The open floor plans and beautiful materials made to build the home create a beautiful living experience. With many different floor-plans to choose from, many different families and couples could find a home that would fit their unique needs.

Our careful attention to manufactured home construction means that you can step into your own high quality, affordable HomeFirst™ home for the lifestyle you want. Each HomeFirst™ home is located in a beautiful, welcoming and thriving community featuring recreation centers, parks, pools and security. You can choose from a wide variety of facades, sizes, styles and floor plans with the amenities you desire. You can even have luxury amenities like hardwood floors, granite counter surfaces and Energy Star stainless steel appliances. Many homes are available with vaulted ceilings, stone accents, fireplaces and front porches.

Other reasons to use your tax refund for a matched down payment on a HomeFirst™ home include:

  • Spacious living in homes of up to 2300 square feet
  • Pre-owned homes are available now
  • Flexible financing terms
  • Low monthly payments
  • The lifestyle you want with style and affordability

Another amazing aspect of HomeFirst™ homes can be the amenities included. Why pay for a pricey gym membership when our manufactured homes come with a 24-hour community gym. This is a great way to stay in shape without having a recurring charge on your credit card each month. Heated swimming pools and other recreational activities are an amazing way to stay entertained all year round.

Choose Your Community, Choose Your Home

HomeFirst™ communities are located throughout Michigan with plenty of homes to choose from, the amenities you want and the lifestyle you will love. Everyone at HomeFirst™ understands you are not just moving into a house when you buy one of our homes. You are moving into a scenic, relaxed, amenity-rich way of life that you enjoy coming home to every day.

HomeFirst™ communities are located in the following cities:

Location is key when it comes to buying a home. With some of the best locations in the Great Lake States, HomeFirst™ provides an amazing living situation that will not force you to have a strenuous commute. The communities our manufactured homes are located in provide an upscale luxury living environment. With beautiful landscaping and amazing amenities, these neighborhoods are among some of the best living options in these areas.

Each of these communities offer what you expect from HomeFirst™ Certified Homes, such as sparkling swimming pools, playgrounds, community meeting halls, beautiful landscaping, community events and fitness centers. Each location is supportive of happy, healthy families with resident safety and peace-of-mind. To  learn more about how to use your tax refund for up to $2,500 in matched funds for your home’s down payment, schedule a tour today!. Invest in your future now and don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to give your family the peace and stability of a new home.

If you are tired of living in the apartment lifestyle, take your tax return and make a difference in your life today. HomeFirst™ is ready to match your tax return and help you get into a house today. Or if you are looking to downsize, don’t go from a home to an apartment. Instead, choose a luxurious home to retain your privacy, lifestyle and freedom. Join those who made the financially sound decision to use their tax return as a home investment. This will give you the peace of mind your family needs. If you are looking to have a more affordable mortgage payment every month, or normally wouldn’t be able to make a down payment on a home, this is an amazing opportunity that will help you thrive financially. Stop overpaying for an apartment or a home with empty rooms.

Qualify today to find out what kind of home and down payment plan would be right for you. Make the switch like so many have and begin living in luxury, at an affordable price!