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How to Stain a Deck for Your Manufactured Home

Decks are a very popular way to customize your manufactured home, but after living in your manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community for a while, you might want to give your deck a new look by staining it. Before rushing to the hardware store, there are some steps to consider about the staining process. You can make your deck look brand new, but only if you take your time and properly execute all the steps. When you’re done, your manufactured home will look terrific!

Preparation is Key to Final Results

The most important part in preparation of staining the deck is cleaning it the best you can. A clean slate is the best foundation for a newly-stained deck. Floor scrubbers are the best tool for this as you can easily remove any mildew spots on the deck as well as areas that have been stained in the past by food/drink spills, paint, or anything else that has accidentally spilt onto your deck.  If there’s a spot on your deck that’s too tough for a floor scrubber, a hand sander is good for getting in deep on those stubborn spots.  

The Hidden Step

The one step that people forget about the most often is brightening the deck.  This can make your deck look better than ever. After the deck is cleaned, find protective gloves, clothing, and goggles before the application process. A pump sprayer is the best way to apply the brightener to the wood as no scrubbing, or pressure spraying of the brightener is needed for it to be effective. Try your best to not spray past the deck as you don’t want to get any of the chemicals from the brightener on any plants or on your manufactured home. After the brightening process is done properly, it’s important to wait five minutes or so before rinsing all the chemicals off the deck, and then you’re ready for the staining process.  

You Get What You Pay For

The quality of the stainer is key to making your deck look brand new again.  If you buy the off-brand, cheap stainer, and plan on buying a bulk amount of it, you might be in trouble because the off-brand stainer won’t look as great on your deck as the high-quality stainer. Regardless of what brand of stainer you purchase, it’s important to read the directions on the can. There are tons of different stainers and they’re all a little different from one another.  

Application Process

A roller paint brush or a standard paintbrush are the most effective and cautious ways to apply the stain to the deck.  Using different style paint brushes allows you to carefully get all the corners and small areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to apply with a sprayer of some kind.  Make sure you have nothing else to do that day because the more time you take deck staining, the better it will look. 

When you’re done, your deck will have heads turning in the community!

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