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How To Remove Snow From Your Mobile Home Roof

Remove Snow from Mobile Home Roof

With harsh winter weather on the horizon, make sure you know how to protect your mobile home roof from damage or collapse. Check out these quick tips to help prevent the serious problems caused by snow on roof.

  • Shovel the snow off your roof as soon as the snow falls

Snow is lightest when it first falls. When it rains, the snow becomes saturated with water and is much heavier. If that slush freezes, it is much more difficult to remove and can lead to rust and leakage on your mobile home roof.

  • Don’t let the snow on roof accumulate more than 6 inches

Snow typically weighs about 20 lbs. per cubic square foot. More than 6 inches of snow can put your roof in danger of collapse.

  • Use an ice rake when buildup occurs

A lightweight aluminum snow rake with an extension handle allows you to pull snow off the roof while safely on the ground. You don’t need to scrape off all the snow, just eliminate enough to lighten the load on your mobile home roof.

  • Don’t attempt to climb onto your mobile home roof to clear off the snow.

The weight of your body in addition to the weight of the snow on roof could cause it to collapse. Judging from Michigan’s history of erratic weather, you can probably expect melting temperatures in no time at all. Mobile home roofs are domed to help.


By taking smart preventative measures you can increase your mobile home roof life longevity and save money on repairs!


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