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How to Properly Clean Your Stovetop

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Once you initially move into your home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll realize everything looks brand new or near brand new, including your stove.  After using it a few times it might get dirty in which you’ll want to clean to make sure bacteria doesn’t spread. Of course there are proper ways to clean and ways that you shouldn’t clean. We have plenty of manufactured homes available that are used and new.

We recommend that you purchase a manufactured home because you can customize it however you like.  You can try renting an apartment or traditional home, but you’ll end up paying twice as much sometimes, and you don’t even get to customize it how you like.  With cheap rates at HomeFirst™ you’ll be glad that you get to decorate how you want while paying half as much anywhere else.  

Leave Your Stovetop Sparkling

Cleaning your stovetop might sound simple, but if you want to do it right, you have to do it while following proper steps or else it might not end up as clean as you think.  

First off, if the grates on your stovetop come off, remove them. You want to dampen a sponge with a little dish soap in it to slash through the grease on top.  Don’t worry about the soapy mess that might ensue after you complete this step because it’ll get cleaned up in the end.  You just want to loosen all the grease with soap at this point.  

After all the grease is accounted for, you’ll want to rinse out your sponge of all the soapy, greasy water, and get to work on brightening up that stove with a clean sponge.  Rinse out your sponge as many times as you can throughout the process of spiffying up your stove top.  Whenever all of the soap and grease is wiped away, take a dry towel and wipe away the wetness.

Cleaning the Grates

Throughout the process of cleaning your stove top, you’ll want to let your grates soak in soapy water in your sink.  This way when you get to scrubbing them, the grease will come right off.  The grates might be a little harder to clean because of their awkward shape, but using a stainless steel brush will take care of all that residue.
If done correctly, the whole process should take about 30 minutes, which isn’t much time considering how new your stove top will look for weeks to come.  You’ll be happy when you take care of this chore because it will make the kitchen your manufactured home looking so nice when it’s done.  Purchase a HomeFirst™ manufactured  home right away if you haven’t already done so.           

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