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How to Pressure Wash Your Driveway


It’s true, driveways need cleaning too!

You work hard landscaping your yard; planting flowers, watering your herb garden and trimming your lawn. You take a step back to take in all the work you’ve been doing, everything looks great but for some reason it seems that something is off. Surprisingly, a worn down, dirty drive way can be the single thing that is keeping your yard from its full potential.

It seems minor and silly to wash your drive way, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome from this small home project. Weathered from years of harsh seasons and use, you can get your driveway to look brand new with a couple simple steps and a pressure washer. has provided a step by step guide to sprucing up your driveway, including a list of all the materials needed and pictures for each step to make the process super simple and easy to follow. Now get out there and put the finishing touch to your perfectly landscaped home!

Photo Credit: Annethelibrarian

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