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How to Paint a Ceiling Like a Pro

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Painting a ceiling is not the most simple of tasks- but with these tips it can be much easier than you’d expect

You move into a new place you can now call home- everything is great but one thing, the color of the walls are not quite your idea of ‘pleasant’. Naturally you get to picking colors and begin painting, the walls are a piece of cake, but now you are left with the daunting task of painting the ceiling. No need to fret, painting a ceiling can run smoothly if you prepare for it correctly and abide by these simple rules.

One of the most important tasks for painting a ceiling is not actually painting the ceiling, but rather what you do before you begin painting. The first and most important step is to purchase the right tools for your ceiling. The tools will be based off of the dimensions of the ceiling, the texture of your ceiling, and of course making sure you have the right size ladder for the job! Next you need to prep your room for painting, and prime your ceiling. Once those tasks are done you can begin painting, but there is more to painting than just brushing paint back and forth. Here is a step by step guide with an attached video on how to paint like a pro, with expert tips from the DIY network. Good Luck!


Photo credit: Jessa B.C.

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