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How to Keep Your Manufactured Home in Top Condition

You’ve just started a family and you and your spouse make a change for the better by moving into your first home in a HomeFirst™ community.  Moving into a new home is always exciting and you want to keep it in the best condition as possible. If you want to keep your new manufactured home in the best condition possible, a little basic maintenance can go a long way.

Keep the Air Flowing in Your House

Having proper airflow in your home is often an overlooked part of home maintenance, but it can cause problems if it’s neglected. For example, you might block airflow without realizing it is placing furniture or boxes to close to air vents.  You don’t want to block air or restrict air from circulating around your home because this might cause mold growth. Problems with airflow can also cause your heating and cooling systems to run less optimally, so make sure your vents aren’t blocked and change out your filters regularly to keep your systems running smoothly and your air quality healthy. If your home seems to be too warm or too cold, despite what your thermostat is set at, contact your community manager and we’ll have someone come see if there’s a problem with your heating or cooling.

Stay on Top of Chores

Nobody likes doing general chores around the house, but they need to be done on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of your home is still in tip-top shape.  Vacuuming once a week, doing the dishes as soon as you’re done with them, and regularly changing the garbage are just three of the many chores that need to be done so your home will stay in top shape.

Take Action on Important Maintenance

No matter how hard you try to take care of your home, things break and need to be repaired. Sometimes these repairs come up at the worst times possible, but luckily for you, HomeFirst™ provides 24-hour onsite help so, if anything happens to break down in your home, we’ll be there to handle it!
We want you to keep your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home looking fresh and new as possible for as long as you can.  One of the ways to insure this is to follow these steps so you don’t encounter any type of long-term problems in your beautiful HomeFirst™ Home.  Abide by these guidelines, and you’ll have no problem keeping your manufactured home looking great for a long time!

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