How to Keep Your Apples from Browning

The easiest fruit to get kids to eat is an apple. That is of course if the apple doesn’t brown before they get around to eating it! We’ve heard it all before, the whining about the browning on the apple or banana and it is usually because the fruit was left out too long.

When the cut fruit is exposed to air, it starts to brown. The oxidation causes the cells of the fruit to change color, which is unfortunately an unappetizing shade of brown. So to help you keep those apples looking appetizing for the picky eaters, here are some ways to prevent an apple from browning!

  • Cut the apple into slices under cold water
  • Coat the apples with other fruit juices. Mixing a couple teaspoons of lemon or lime juice with a quart of water and coating the apples always works and gives them a slight flavor as well!
  • Sprinkle one teaspoon of vinegar on the apples
  • Place the apples in a mixture of salt and water
  • Or if you plan on eating them almost immediately and don’t want to alter the flavor of the apple in anyway, simply stir the apples every couple minutes to keep them from oxidizing

There are plenty more interesting ways to keep your apples from browning, but these are the easiest and quickest way to keep your apples bright and white. So now when you offer your kids apple slices they can’t complain about the gross brown parts!


Photo Credit: Emilian Robert Vicol

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