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How to Give Your Home a Charming Winter Feel

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving has passed, and the weather is turning cold. Time to convert your home into a charming winter wonderland! Here are a few simple tricks that you can use to easily transform your manufactured home into a winter paradise.

Use subtle winter colors

You don’t have to hang snowflakes from the ceiling or hang pictures of snowmen on your wall to make the inside feel like winter. Placing holiday colors such as red and green, or winter colors such as blue or teal, in each room can subtly make your home feel like a winter hideaway. Play around with throw pillows, curtains, and hand towels, being careful not to overdo bold colors that can quickly become overwhelming.

Create a snowy feel

The other color option when decorating is to do away with all colors but white. Having only white blankets, pillows, and dishware will bring to mind the ice and snow, creating an instant wintry look.

Use your fireplace

Has your fireplace never been used? Clean the area out and invest in some firewood! The literal warmth that the space will create will make your home feel cozy, and will attract everyone in the house to occupy one area of the home. This closeness of company, along with the visual beauty of the fire, will make your home immediately feel peaceful.

Open your curtains

If you live in a location that has regular snow, you can create a striking look by opening or doing away with blinds and curtains during the day. Your guests will be able to see the snow and ice, reminding them of winter’s beauty. If you decide on this design option, remember to turn up the heater or stay by your fireplace: it may get chilly!

The other senses

People often spend so much energy transforming a space visually that they forget about the other senses. Smell is a particularly powerful device that you can manipulate to make your home feel more like a charming winter paradise.

To make your house smell like winter

  • Use potpourri or candles with cinnamon or apples.
  • Before visitors come, bake (or heat up) cookies. If heating up, you don’t even have to heat up a whole batch; the smell of one cookie will quickly waft through the house.
  • Keep a bowl of pine needles in the bathroom, creating a forest fresh smell in the small space.

Have fun creating your winter paradise, and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the home you have created with your family and friends. Happy decorating!

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