How to Clean Your House with a Lemon

It’s funny how cleaning supplies can end up costing you a pretty, and clean, penny. But who ever said you had to buy harsh chemicals and spend tons of money to get parts of your house sparkly clean? No one! Here are 4 ways to clean your house by using just a lemon:

1. Freshen up your garbage disposal

When your garbage disposal starts to permeate a scent worse than a dumpster, you want to come to the rescue to kill the germs and make it smell nice. Instead of using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, just throw a few lemon rinds in. They naturally neutralize smells and don’t do any damage to your disposal!

2. Polish up your metal

You can just as easily clean your metal flatware and pans with half a lemon than with any other polishing chemicals.

3. Sanitize your microwave

Cleaning your microwave probably isn’t the first thing on your mind when you begin cleaning your house, but as we all know, microwaves can get pretty gross pretty fast. Using lemon juice, you can sanitize and leave a fresh scent.

4. Wipe away soap scum

Citric acid naturally dissolved soap scum. All you need to do is juice about 6 lemons, give or take a couple, and pour the juice into a spray bottle. You can use this spray in your shower, around the sink, or anywhere that soap scum resides!

Now you can clean several items in your home with only one basket of lemons. Imagine how much you can save and the amazing fresh citrus scent that will permeate your home. Sounds fresh!

Source: Glamour

Photo Credit: James Bowe

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