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How Manufactured Housing Helps the Economy

Over the years, manufactured housing has made its way into communities all over the United States providing families and single people with affordable housing that is modern and safe as can be. Some of the best manufactured housing communities you’ll find anywhere in the United States are right here at HomeFirst™.  We know we’re the best because of all we have to offer our residents at such a low price without sacrificing quality or luxury.  

Not only are you investing in a modern manufactured house that is sturdy and weather resistant, but you’ll also have access to things like our 24-hour fitness centers, which are free to use if you’re a resident.  So it doesn’t matter what hours you have to work because even if you want to work out at two in the morning, our fitness center doors will be there for you to exercise.  

Economic Impact of Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing has not only helped out people currently living in them, but it has also helped out the United States economy as well.  Since 1989, manufactured housing has accounted for just over 20 percent of all new single family homes sold. This stat alone shows the impact of manufactured homes. With the United States still growing in population and more and more baby boomers retiring, the need for affordable housing is on the rise. More jobs are also created in manufactured housing factories because there is a demand for skilled workers to build these homes.  

Seventy-three percent of families that live in manufactured homes make $50,000 or less. Manufactured  housing helps them and the economy because they don’t have to be constantly looking for different, affordable places to live. This makes it possible for them to put more money into the economy on a regular basis, something that they might not be able to do if all of their money is going to rent or  monthly payments on a traditional house. Statistics show that, not including the cost of land, new manufactured houses are, on average, $140,000 cheaper than new on-site built homes. 

If you live in a HomeFirst™ community, the money that you would use on a gym membership living in a traditional home can now be used to purchase other things, maybe something you’ve been saving up for months. With the snowy conditions that can hit Michigan at any point in the winter, we provide a snow removal service which keeps workers going as well as keeping you in your manufactured home, not having to worry about whether you’ll make it out of your street the next day or not.  
Overall, manufactured housing has made a positive impact on our economy in the past and will continue to do so for years to come. Citizens can keep putting money into the economy and they don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to make a monthly payment or not because of how inexpensive we make it.  If you haven’t bought a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, do it right now before the house you want gets bought by someone else!

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