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How Living in a Manufactured Home Compares to Living in an Apartment

All types of homes have their pros and cons, but if a owning or renting a regular house isn’t right for you, you might think renting an apartment is your only option. Think again! If you’re considering renting an apartment but haven’t considered a manufactured home yet, you might miss out on a lot of great benefits!

You’ll Save Money

First of all, living in a manufactured home will help save you a lot of money. Manufactured homes are much less expensive than other types of homes, including apartments. If you’re considering renting an apartment because you don’t think you could afford to rent or own a regular house, we’ve got good news for you! If you owned a manufactured home, it’s entirely possible that your monthly payments would be less than what you’d spend on rent for an apartment.

You’ll Have More Space

Let’s face it — apartments aren’t  known for their spaciousness. Even if you live alone, it’s very easy to start feeling cramped if you live in an apartment. Apartments don’t typically have very large bedroom closets or other storage options. The biggest storage luxury you might find in an apartment is if it has a separate storage unit. On the other hand, the manufactured homes you’ll find in HomeFirst™ communities come in many different sizes with lots of storage options. Many of the homes in our communities come with large walk-in closets, plenty of kitchen storage, outdoor sheds, and garages. Some of our communities even have storage options for large items like boats and RVs!

There’s also the fact that living in a 3 or 4 bedroom home isn’t necessarily a luxury for some people. If you have a larger family or have elderly parents living with you and your family, having more bedrooms is simply more practical and comfortable for everybody. But finding apartments with that many bedrooms can really be a challenge. Apartments with more than 2 bedrooms do exist, but they’re not nearly as common as studios or apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms and they’re often very expensive. A manufactured home can provide you with the space you need at a much lower price.

You’ll Have More Freedom

Living in an apartment means that you have to play by someone else’s rules since you don’t own the building. You’ll have to follow rules about how you can decorate, whether or not you can have pets, and so much more. When you’re paying so much in rent each month, wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to at least paint your walls something other than white or beige? Living in a manufactured home gives you so much more flexibility and freedom. Not only are HomeFirst™ communities pretty pet friendly, you’re also welcome to decorate your home any way you see fit. Even if you rent your manufactured home in one of our communities, we’ll let you decorate your home however you like. You’ll need to get permission from management first, but our management can be more accommodating than many apartment landlords are. 

These are just a few of the biggest advantages of living in a manufactured home instead of an apartment. When you decide to buy or rent a manufactured home in one of our HomeFirst™ communities instead of renting an apartment, you’ll also be able to enjoy community amenities like 24-hour fitness centers, picnic areas, swimming pools, playgrounds, country club style community clubhouses, and so much more. You’ll also have the assurance of knowing your community has 24-hour on-site management.
Take a look at some of the amazing manufactured homes for rent in our communities. You’ll never want to live in another apartment again!

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