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How HomeFirst™ Can Help You Own a Home!

One of the hardest parts of finding a new home is saving up the money to buy one. The larger of a down payment you can make, the less you have to borrow, but saving enough money to make a good down payment on a typical site-built home can take a long time. Even if you’re looking to rent an apartment instead of buy a home, you still have to come up with a security deposit or first and last month’s rent. But if you were to buy a manufactured home instead of a site-built one, you’d be getting a high quality home for a fraction of the price, so not only might you end up being able to afford a bigger home than you realized, you’d have an easier time saving up a down payment, too! And if you’re thinking of renting an apartment, a manufactured home would not only be less expensive, you’d be getting lots more room to work with!

Here at HomeFirst™, we believe in making the American dream of homeownership a possibility for everyone, even if you never thought you’d be able to afford a home or didn’t think you could own one because of a damaged credit score. In fact, we have several special programs to help make it more affordable to live in one of our communities.

First, there’s our down payment assistance program, which can give you up to an extra $5,000 to use for the down payment on your new home if you purchase an existing home from our inventory. You’d never get that kind of no-strings-attached help with making your down payment if you were to buy a regular site-built home!

Do you already own a manufactured home and would like to move it into one of our HomeFirst™ communities? We can help by paying to move your home! The price of moving a manufactured home depends on the size of your home and the distance you’re moving it, but it can get pretty expensive. Regardless if you’re coming from near or far, this offer can save you quite a bit of money!

Are you a veteran, active military member, teacher, doctor, nurse, police officer, or firefighter? If so, our Hometown Heroes program can help bring down the price of site rent. If you qualify, we’ll reduce your site rent by $50 per month for the first 12 months you live in one of our communities. It’s just our little way of saying thank you for making the area we live in a better place!

If you already live in one of our communities and want to earn some extra money and get your friends to move into the community, we have a referral program you might be interested in. If you like living in your HomeFirst™ community, all you have to do is tell your friends about how great it is and if they decide to buy or rent a home here, we’ll give you a cash bonus! The more people you refer, the more money you can earn!

If you’re in need of an affordable home, look no further than HomeFirst™! We have manufactured homes available to rent or own in some of Michigan’s best locations. Take a look at our communities, decide which location you’re interested in, and take a look at the homes available there. Contact us if you’re interested in seeing a home or have any questions. We’d be happy to start welcoming you to the community!

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