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Hosting a Unique Holiday Party in Your HomeFirst Home

The Perfect Setting for a Holiday Party

If your friends and family are having trouble finding a spot to hold a holiday party this season, suggest your home in a spectacular HomeFirst™ community?

After it’s established that your manufactured home will be the setting of the party, suggest different ways to spice up the party to make it different from a generic family gathering. Not everybody wants to sit down and wait to talk to different relatives they haven’t seen all year. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate games and different activities amongst your guests to keep the laughter going all night long.  HomeFirst™ is the perfect spot to do this because depending on the amount of people showing up, you can rent out the clubhouse or hold the party in your manufactured home. Whether you’re inviting just a few people over or over a dozen, you’ll have all the space you need. Just make sure you plan ahead because if you wait too long, the clubhouse may already be reserved.

Gingerbread Houses!

Making gingerbread houses together is a great way to have fun together. You can even make a competition out of it! If you decide to make a competition out of it, make sure there are enough gingerbread house building kits, set a timer, and start building.  This is great because it keeps kids entertained as well as adults with the same activity.  Prepare yourself for a mess, though, as there will be a large amount of frosting, candy, and crumbs all around the table.  Laying down some newspaper or disposable tablecloths is a great way to contain the mess and make for easy clean up. Assign three or four people to a team, and have the competition last around 30 or 45 minutes.  Once the competition is over, you’ll be astonished to see all the creative houses that were made in such a short period of time.  If the gingerbread houses are left behind when guests leave, use them as decorations for inside your manufactured home.   

Adult Friendly

If you’re hosting a holiday party where only adults will be present like a work party, look up a list of holiday cocktails to serve up to guests.  There are plenty of ingredients that you could use to mix up one of your favorite drinks, and why not introduce it to one of your co-workers that will surely think it’s tasty?  Peppermint martinis, spiked cocoa or eggnog are great to serve at holiday office parties which will make the generic secret santa gift exchange and intermingling between co-workers much more exciting.  

There are many more holiday party ideas and activities that are easy to look up and execute when you throw your holiday party in your manufactured home. Just make sure to give your guests time to prepare, and if you haven’t purchased your manufactured house from HomeFirst™ yet, you’re missing out on all the benefits. Your home in a HomeFirst™ community would be the perfect setting for your friends and family to spend the holidays together.

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