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Host Thanksgiving This Year in Your HomeFirst™ Community

If you’re new to living on your own and feel spontaneous enough to host your first Thanksgiving dinner, that’s great because your home in a HomeFirst™ community is a great spot for everyone to gather.  Our manufactured houses are big enough to host plenty of people, but it might get cramped if you try to fit too many, just like any traditional house would. Your manufactured home is also a great place for the family to gather on the comfy furniture you have and watch some football, which is a Thanksgiving tradition for many families.  

Don’t be Nervous

Anxiety can run high when preparing Thanksgiving dinner for your friends and family when trying to figure out what to prepare and if you plan on your guests bringing food. You’re probably going to feel like making the traditional turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but it might be fun to establish a new Thanksgiving tradition amongst your family.  Serve a dish that will take everybody by surprise, something you know your whole family already likes. A lasagna dish or some mexican food could be tasty surprises to someone that might not prefer turkey and stuffing.

Planning ahead is key when hosting Thanksgiving because it will lower your stress level when everyone wants to talk and catch up with you about life.  If you want to serve something you’ve never made before, try cooking it a week or two before the big day to see if you cooked everything right. This will lower the stress level significantly on Thanksgiving day.  Just think of it like you’re practicing before a big game!

The Grocery Store is on Your Side

Of course, you’re going to the grocery store to buy everything that you need to make a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, but don’t shy away from buying pre made items like pumpkin pie, or any other dessert that would be easier to provide by just tearing plastic wrapping off of it. Again, this is another tactic to lower your overall stress level on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t force yourself to cook or bake every last thing for the meal. If guests want to provide a dish to bring, let them. After all, family is what Thanksgiving is all about so, let the whole family help out while you contribute the great location for everyone to gather.   
Let your whole family experience what it’s like to live in a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home by inviting them all over for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We promise, they’ll leave with smiles on all their faces because of the great food and atmosphere you’ll provide for them.  If you don’t live in a HomeFirst™ community already, apply to purchase or rent a manufactured home one right away before it’s too late!

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