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Host a Barbecue at Your HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home!

Hosting a barbecue can be a lot of work because of all the planning, family, food, drinks, and entertainment that goes into it, but if you’re lucky enough to host one at a HomeFirst™ home in one of our spectacular communities than the stress will be cut in half.  Not only will you have plenty of room to have guests, but they will also enjoy all the activities there are to do inside the community property like great swimming pools, basketball courts, and soccer fields that any kid or adult can have fun playing on.

Fun for the Whole Family

Setting up lawn chairs around your manufactured home for everybody to relax and socialize is exactly how a family barbecue should be. Once you’re done grilling and eating, take your family on a walk around the community, and maybe some of your neighbors will be open to meeting them because in a manufactured housing community it almost seems like your neighbors are family, too. HomeFirst™ communities often have fun community activities going on, so there’s plenty of entertainment to go around for your family within the confines of the community.

Unexpected situations

So, you and your family are outside having a great time talking and enjoying the food when all a sudden thunderstorm rolls in. If you live in Michigan than you know that this is a possibility with the uncertainty of the weather here. If this were to happen in a HomeFirst™ community, it would be so simple to tell everybody to head inside inside the community clubhouse to keep eating or play a board game or card game to keep the fun going.  HomeFirst™ manufactured home communities have clubhouses big enough to seat everyone comfortably until the storm passes and you can go back outside.

Safety First

It is important that if you do plan to grill at your manufactured home that you take precaution before doing so.  As you know, open flames are likely when it comes to grilling so, you don’t want to grill right next to your home.  Make sure the grill is isolated from all the fun and games that the kids are playing outside, and that the grill is at least 20 feet away from your house.

Your dream of hosting your own family barbecue can be a success living in a manufactured home because of all the fun everyone can have within the community.  Although it may be stressful to plan, all that stress will go away once you see everyone having a good time because of you and your manufactured house.  Invite everybody over this weekend before the summer is over and it’s too late!

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