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Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 19th

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a tremendous inspiration to many people. Not only was he active in non-violently fighting for equality during the Civil Rights movement, he has inspired many people from all walks of life to stand up for injustice and to make the world a better place. Dr. King’s legacy is commemorated with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which occurs on the third Monday of every January (January 19th in 2015). Finding a way to honor such a remarkable legacy might seem like an impossible task, but one way to honor the Dr. King’s memory would be to spend his holiday giving back to your community.

Dr. King was a strong believer in community service and is famously quoted as saying, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” In recognition of this philosophy, the Martin Luther King Day of Service was started in 1994 as a way to encourage people from all over the country to make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a “day on” instead of a “day off.”

In 2014, hundreds of thousands of volunteers in all fifty states came together on the Martin Luther King Day of Service to provide emergency food for over 360,000 people, tutoring or mentorship for over 58,000 children, job skill training or job placement for over 15,000 economically disadvantaged people, assistance for over 38,000 veterans,active service members, and their families, and so much more.

If you would like to find a volunteer project to be a part of, visit the All For Good website to search for opportunities in your area. Some projects even have virtual volunteer opportunities, so you might be able to help out without having to leave your home. If you know of any volunteer projects that aren’t currently listed, you can also submit them through All For Good’s website. Whether you can dedicate a full day to a service project or just a few hours, any amount of time you can volunteer for a project is an excellent way to honor the legacy of Dr. King.


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