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HomeFirst™: Perfect for All Ages!

You probably know of all the benefits of living in a manufactured home, but what sets a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community apart from all the rest?  

Whenever you’re house hunting, you can always tell what kind of an area you’re looking in whether it’s a retirement community, a school zone where many parents with children live, or an area where recent college graduates are first time home renters or buyers. The great thing about HomeFirst™ is that we see people of all sorts moving into all of our communities.  It doesn’t matter if you’re 25, 45, or 65 years old, you’ll feel right at home when you decide to make the move into a HomeFirst™ Community.  There are activities to participate in right in every HomeFirst™ community, along with entertainment in the area around each community.

HomeFirst™ for College Graduates

Graduating college and searching for your first “adult job” out of school can be stressful, but you don’t want to move back in with your parents when you return home from school. So, why not move into an affordable, safe manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community?  All of our manufactured homes are affordable for young adults and have enough space for you to move in alone or with a couple roommates if you choose to do so.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility at HomeFirst™ and that’s why we give you the option to rent or buy.  

With our prices being so low, you’ll have no problem finding something to fit in your budget.  We’ve built our communities in safe cities with lots of entertainment options so it won’t be a problem to go out into town on your night off.  You’ll also benefit from our 24-hour fitness centers because even if you work midnights, and want to workout afterward, you’re able to at your own speed.   

HomeFirst™ for New Parents

Another anxious time in life is when you and your spouse have kids.  You’ll want to make sure your family grows strong in a safe environment with low crime rates and that’s exactly what you’ll find in all of our HomeFirstCommunities. Once you move into one of our communities, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of amenities like sports grounds, including baseball and soccer fields, basketball, and volleyball courts. We also have playground equipment for enjoyment, so once your kids are old enough to climb monkey bars or slide down a slide, you’ll be able to watch them do so as they grow up.    

HomeFirst™ for Retirees

If you’re looking to move to a quiet, relaxing community where you have the opportunity to make new friends, then you’ve found the right spot in HomeFirst™.  We have the perfect environment for retirees because you have the chance to set up a lawn chair on your patio, kickback, and enjoy the sunshine on a warm summer day without any interruption.  You can even reserve the clubhouse and invite your whole family over for a holiday party or for just a random get together if you please.  As you can see, HomeFirst™ is perfect for anybody of any age, and it’s up to you to visit our website, or any of our communities and apply to move in as soon as you can!     

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