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HomeFirst™ is Perfect for Retirees!

What’s Your Next Move?

So, you’ve just retired from your job where you were at for 30 years and expect to live the rest of your life in peace and relaxation.  It’s great that you’ve worked hard your whole life just for this moment, but what do you do now that you have a bunch of free time on your hands?  Moving away to Florida or traveling around the world are two of the more popular choices that retirees make.  It can be a drastic lifestyle change, but moving into a HomeFirst™ Home can make the transition as simple as possible for you because we have the best manufactured homes on the market.  If all your kids are grown up and have moved out of your house, why not downsize so you and your spouse can live the simple life while relaxing in your brand new HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home?

Decorate Your Manufactured Home

If you choose to move out of your house and rent or buy another house in your subdivision or even Florida, it’s going to be virtually impossible to customize your house exactly how you want it.  If you make the right move to buy a manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community, you’ll get to decorate it how ever you like from painting the walls to whatever color you want, to redoing the carpet.  And if you decide to order a brand new manufactured home, you’ll truly be able to customize your home, down to the floorplan. You also have the option to decorate your lawn however you like because we want you to feel right at home living in our manufactured home community.  You’ll be able to brag to your friends about the great deal you got buying a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home while they have to worry about the expenses of moving and buying or renting a house in Florida.

We’ll Take Care of You

Not only will your expenses go down if you purchase a manufactured home, but you’ll cut out so much stress out of your life as well.  We know you probably want to stay active while retired, and that’s why we offer a 24-hour fitness center so whether you’re an early riser in the morning or a night owl, you can go work out right in the manufactured home community at any point in the day or night.  The weather in Michigan isn’t the best at times, and that’s why you won’t have to worry about shoveling that much because the amount of concrete that surrounds your manufactured house is limited. You might even have a neighbor who can help with your shoveling! Also, all the snow in the streets of the community gets plowed by a snow removal company that we hire. This way, you won’t have to wait 24 or 48 hours for the city to come plow your street out just so you can go to the grocery store.       

You’re bound to make some new friends out of your neighbors and while you’re talking, you can discuss how moving into a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home has changed your lives for the better. You can enjoy your retirement in peace just by moving into a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home today!

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