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HomeFirst™ Communities – The Perfect Summer Home?

We can all admit it – as Michigan residents, it’s safe to say that the weather here isn’t exactly perfect year-round. And while HomeFirst™ does offer services such as snow removal on all shared roads in our communities, we understand that for residents of a certain age Michigan isn’t the ideal situation through the winter.

You might be surprised, then, to learn that an increasing number of senior residents are turning to HomeFirst™ to provide the perfect summer home! Many older residents, or residents with another address in warmer climates, take up residency in a HomeFirst™ community for the more mild months of the year before heading to their winter cottages!

Our manufactured homes have a lot to offer, especially if you spend a lot of time “on the road” or in other states. Manufactured homes, particularly those built to the ENERGY STAR® standard, are typically found to be much better on utility bills, so even if you don’t shut your utilities off while you’re gone (to avoid costly disconnect fees) the costs won’t be very high at all! And the modern construction and materials that go into building a manufactured home means you don’t have to worry about any expensive repairs or maintenance when you get back to Michigan, as opposed to aged site-built homes!

The affordability of manufactured homes plays a big part in this trend as well. Many times, payments on a manufactured home that you own are found to be cheaper than renting an apartment in the same area, and all of our communities have a five-year site rate guarantee to prevent your lot rent from going up without warning. All of this means even if you don’t live in it through the colder months the payments on your manufactured home will be quite reasonable – and you have a home of your own to come back to! And think about this: our selection of top-class amenities and benefits will make you feel completely at home when you get back!
Sure, we would love if all of our residents stayed with us 365 days a year, but for anyone looking for the perfect place to stay during the nicer months, we think our communities and manufactured homes provide the perfect summer home for “snowbirds”. Curious to see what we offer? Browse our selection of manufactured homes for sale to find your perfect summer home. And who knows? Maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll stay there all year!

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