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HomeFirst™ Communities – Keeping Up With Your Changing Lifestyle

One of the benefits of manufactured home communities is the different options and advantages it can offer residents of any age, family size, or lifestyle. Walk through any of our manufactured home communities and you’ll see elderly retirees looking to live independently on their own, families with several children, single-parent households, and so much more.

HomeFirst™ communities appeal to a wide variety of residents, of all ages, families, and lifestyles. For anyone looking for their perfect first home after spending time in apartments, duplexes, or anything similar, HomeFirst™ offers an excellent option. Manufactured homes are found to offer more space for better value than similar options like condos, and many times owning a manufactured home is even cheaper than renting an apartment! We strive to offer the ideal combination of luxury, affordability, and room to grow with all of our communities, no matter where you have been living before.

What about if you already have a family and are looking for a better place to live? HomeFirst™ communities are a great option for families of any size, with children of any age. The manufactured homes in our communities come in a variety of sizes, some even up to 4 bedrooms and/or 2,300 square feet! The location also helps, as several of our communities are located in our near several acclaimed school districts such as South Lyon Community Schools. And many of our communities include amenities for kids such as sports fields and playgrounds so they always have something to do!

Older residents and retirees are always welcome at HomeFirst™ as well, and we strive to make living easy, affordable, and convenient on our senior residents. Several options for helping around the house are provided such as curbside trash pickup, to try to make living a little easier. And with all the studies done on the benefits of social interaction for seniors, our neighborhood activities such as the Residents Appreciation Night, the summer Walk-A-Thons, and more to keep our communities close – and our residents happy and healthy.

No matter what your age, lifestyle, or needs, HomeFirst™ communities will have something to offer anyone. We try to be the perfect option for any resident – stop by one of our communities or browse our manufactured homes for rent and sale to find the perfect home and community for you.




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