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HomeFirst™ Communities – A Perfect Long-Term Option

Let’s say you’re at the point in your life where you’d like a longer-term housing solution. Maybe you’ve finally found the right area to settle down in, maybe you’d like something more stable to help raise your family, maybe you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of short-term options anymore. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a mobile home, we believe HomeFirst™ manufactured home communities offer the perfect option for anyone looking for a long-term home for them and their families.

For renters, we offer a two-year leasing program. Compare this to many apartments, which may only be for a year at a time – or even month-to-month, in certain cases! Two-year leases give you the chance to truly feel at home and get comfortable with your surroundings, and are an excellent choice for anyone looking to settle into a specific area. And if you find that, after two years, you want to purchase your home, the buying process is so much easier when you’re already moved in!

The advantages extend to buyers, as well. For anyone residing in a HomeFirst™ community, your site rent rate is guaranteed for five years! Compare that sort of rate longevity to apartment rents, which could increase at any time and are set to go up again very soon. A guaranteed five-year charge for site rent helps you to better budget your finances without having to worry about any unexpected changes – well, at least when it comes to housing expenses!

The benefits aren’t strictly financial, either. HomeFirst™ communities offer all kinds of advantages and amenities rarely found in other forms of housing. From the on-site fitness centers, pools, and playgrounds that many of our communities offer, to the sheer size advantage our homes have over apartments – up to 2,300 square feet in many communities! – HomeFirst™ homes can offer you and your family many advantages that apartments simply can’t keep up with.

If you’re looking for a safe, stable, and affordable housing option for your family, we think you’ll find HomeFirst™ to be the perfect option. Why not browse our selection of communities and find the perfect long-term home for yourself and your loved ones?

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