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HomeFirst Certified Giving Away FREE Manufactured Home to Military Family*

At HomeFirst™ Certified Community, we are extremely passionate about supporting members of the military. They make so many sacrifices to protect us overseas that the least we can do is make sure they and their families are secure at home.

As part of our latest effort to show our support for the troops, HomeFirstTM Certified is giving away a free manufactured home to a deserving military family. The winner* can choose a home from one of the following Michigan-based HomeFirstTM Certified Communities:  Riverbrook (New Haven) and Springrove (Springfield Township).

“With all the sacrifices our military makes overseas – forgoing family, safety, and the comforts of home – they deserve our respect and gratitude when they come back,” said Danya Mallad, Director of Sales and Marketing. “HomeFirstTM Certified Community is showing its appreciation to the men and women who serve our country by giving away a free manufactured home to a military family.”

To determine the winner, HomeFirstTM Certified Community is running a contest. One of the best parts of this contest is that YOU can get involved. Nominate a military member, veteran or immediate family member of either by writing a short essay (500 words or less) that explains why the family deserves and/or needs a home. Visit www.HomeFirstCertified.com to enter. Essays must be submitted by 5:00PM September 30, 2014.

In addition to giving away a free manufactured home, HomeFirstTM Certified shows its commitment to U.S. servicemen with special pricing for members of the military, veterans, and their immediate families. Eligible military-affiliated residents who buy a home get $1,000 cash back on their purchase, while renters receive $50 off rent per month for the first 12 months of the lease. The offer is valid on new leases only.

“It’s just a small sacrifice by us to benefit the people who make the greatest sacrifices of all,” said Mallad. “We believe all hard-working Michigan families deserve a great place to live, and nobody fits that description better than members of the military and their brave families.”

*Winner will still have to pay for lot rent (max $425).

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