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Your Manufactured Home Security Checklist for the Holidays

You’re never too safe when it comes to home security, but the holidays are a time when many seek additional security tips and resources to help them feel safer living in a manufactured home.

Whether you’re going to be away for the holidays and want to ensure your vacant home is fortified before you leave or you’re simply looking to feel safe knowing that the holidays are a time when many criminals seem to be more desperate and deceptive, here are some general as well as manufactured home security tips to help you.

Security Walk Around Your Home

Whether you’re about to be away from home for an extended period or simply want to ensure that you’re not leaving your home and your belongings vulnerable, consider thinking like a criminal for a moment and doing a walk around your house. As you examine the exterior of your manufactured home, look for ways to break in. Are there windows that are easy to open from the outside? What about outbuildings, such as a garage or a garden shed? Those can contain valuables, too, and should have strong locks.  If an outbuilding seems particularly vulnerable, remove the valuables if you’re going to be away for a vacation. Put them someplace more secure.  It would also be good to walk around at night as well. Consider adding lighting to any particularly vulnerable areas.


When it comes to safety, lighting is your friend. Thieves slink around in the darkness and less darkness equals more security for you.  Motion-sensor lights offer an excellent deterrent. And for environmental friendliness and cost-efficiency, you can also install solar options.  Some external security cameras have built-in floodlights that will not only deter a criminal when they blind them during an approach, but they’ll record that approach, too, showing you imagery of who is on your property.


Your behavior can either help or hurt your home security. Setting lighting timers, having a trusted friend or neighbor watch your home (shovel the snow, for example, so it looks like someone is home while you’re away) and paying attention to whether or not you draw attention to valuables is all important. For example, if you’ve purchased a big-ticket item recently (a large and expensive TV, or new laptop computer, for instance) don’t leave the empty box outside. When recycling it for trash pickup, break down that cardboard and bundle it so that it’s inside out, not showing the packaging.

Keep the drapes or blinds closed, too, so that anyone casing the neighborhood won’t have a clear view to your electronics, your expensive china set, or other items that they might want to steal.

Alarm Systems and Surveillance

Nowadays, there are easy options for alarms and surveillance. If you have an alarm and you’ve had it a long time, you might consider upgrades.

If you’re renting a manufactured home, you might have previously hesitated about installing an alarm system, but today’s options such as video doorbells and wireless motion-detecting cameras are easy to take with you if you decide to move. There are additional options to make you feel safer, too, such as integrated fire and carbon-monoxide detection, panic buttons with links direct to local authorities, and more. And some of today’s manufactured homes for sale and rent also include built-in alarm systems.

Furthermore, today’s home security technology often includes surveillance that allow you to check in either at will or based on alerts of motion or opened doors and windows giving you a further degree of peace of mind. Criminals tend to avoid homes with obvious security systems and if they don’t, you’ll catch surveillance of who has been on your property.

By fortifying your home, leveraging today’s security and home automation solutions, and by establishing behaviors that keep your home and belongings safer, you’ll not only lower your chances of home burglaries, but you’ll add a layer of protection that will make you feel more secure and sleep better during the holidays and all year round.

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