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The Historical Crofoot – Pontiac, MI

There’s nothing better than having an event venue right around the corner that is dedicated to showcasing the best acts from around the world, as well as those that are just around the corner, waiting to be discovered. Opened as an event center, music venue, and art hub in 2007, the Crofoot has been a part of the Pontiac, MI landscape since the early days of the city itself.

The Crofoot was not called the Crofoot until 1882, when Michael E. Crofoot bought three adjacent buildings to form his “Crofoot Block.” The three buildings were called the Crofoot Building, the Vernor’s Building, and the New Crofoot Block. After World War II, the three separate buildings were joined together to create the large space that became the single Crofoot that we know today. Since the 1970s, the Crofoot has been in a never-ending battle to avoid demolition. In 2005 the Crofoot was condemned and scheduled for demolition by the City of Pontiac. A local developer took on the task of renovating the historic Pontiac landmark and brought back the Crofoot as an event center for music and art in the Detroit metro. The landmark has featured performances and appearances from some of the most well-known people of our time including Bill Cosby, Michelle Obama, Vampire Weekend, Killswitch Engage, Bon Iver, Flyleaf and more.

The Crofoot still retains much of its historical features and charm, which makes it a unique place to watch a performance, or even to hold a wedding, reunion, or other event.

This year the Crofoot is bringing great acts from the Detroit area, the United States, and the world. Don’t miss out on experiencing your favorite artist in the historical Crofoot in Pontiac.

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