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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who We Are

    HomeFirstTM Certified Communities are a collection of manufactured homes available for purchase and rent, providing pleasurable and affordable living solutions for individuals, families and retirees alike. There are 9 HomeFirstTM Certified Communities across Michigan, including Belleville, Holly, Jackson, Lansing, Mt. Clemens, New Haven and South Lyon.

  • Why Us?

    All HomeFirstTM Certified Communities have met a very strict criterion of living standards. Only 9 Michigan communities have received this certification. Each community offers a wide range of perks for residents, including a community clubhouse, 24-hour on-site staff and countless recreational facilities. We also plan year-round events and activities designed to spark friendships among residents and create a more dynamic community atmosphere.

  • The Lifestyle

    While each community has a different selection of amenities and facilities, you’re likely to find the following at your location:

    • 24-hour Fitness Center

    • Basketball Court

    • Playgrounds and Parks

    • Picnic Tables

    • Swimming Pool

  • Prime Locations

    HomeFirstTM Certified Communities spanning 6 cities in Michigan. Here’s where each community is located:

    Clinton River: Mt. Clemens, MI
    The Reserves: Jackson, MI
    Independence Commons: Lansing, MI
    Meadow Creek: New Haven, MI
    Riverbrook: New Haven, MI
    Springrove: Holly, MI
    Walnut Ridge: Jackson, MI
    Woodland Ridge: South Lyon, MI

  • Find A Home Today

    You can view all available mobile homes for sale in our inventory. You can sort by price, bedrooms and other criteria.

  • In-House Financing

    Nearly 20 million Americans live in manufactured homes. Many of them purchased their homes despite having below average credit and modest financial means. How? Because manufactured homes are easier to finance than traditional homes; they’re the future of the housing market.

    Our in-house financing program makes the approval process simple and efficient. Hard-working families deserve a nice place to live, and we do what we can to help.

  • Own Your Home

    Own a manufactured home for less.

    • With HomeFirstTM your monthly payment might be less if you buy a manufactured home.

    • Owning a home can help you restore bruised credit.

    • HomeFirstTM Certified manufactured homes are exceptional by every measure. They are spacious, modern and embedded in a vibrant community with amenities your apartment is unlikely to offer.

    At HomeFirstTM  Certified, we have special offers to make living here realistic, including a Down Payment Assistance Program.

  • Benefits of Owning Your Home

    Buying a home in a HomeFirstTM Certified Community comes with many benefits, including:

    • Monthly payments that could be significantly cheaper than leasing your home.

    • Fixed monthly payment throughout the term of the loan with no pre-payment penalty.

    • The interest on your home loan may be tax deductible. Consult your tax adviser.

    • Payments on your home loan will help you re-establish good credit.

    • You can make interior improvements to your home without anyone else’s approval!

    • Minimal fee for dogs and no monthly fees for other community approved pets.

  • Which Community is Right for Me?

    It depends on your interests and lifestyle. If you enjoy living near a downtown, check out Walnut Ridge (Jackson) or Woodland Ridge (South Lyon). If you love camping and boating, Meadow Creek (New Haven) and Clinton River (Mt. Clemens) might be the place for you.

    All of our communities have something special to offer every member of the family, regardless of age and interests. Check out Our Communities to learn more about each of our locations, or simply contact one of our representatives.

The Buying Process

  • 1. Choose Your Home

    Choose a community and find the home of your dreams. Call or Email us to schedule your appointment today!

    Get a head start and schedule your tour today!

  • 2. Review the Buying Process

    Determine how to buy a manufactured home by reviewing housing options with your professional Home Specialist, and financing options with a licensed mortgage loan originator.

    For more information on financing options or a manufactured home price, contact us today!

  • 3. Sign Your Paperwork

    Once you have selected the perfect home for you and your family, a purchase agreement is signed, the deposit is placed and a formal credit application is submitted to lenders.

  • 4. Pick Up Your New Keys!

    Once all terms are agreed upon, a closing is scheduled to sign all of the paperwork. At this point you will receive the keys to your new home.

Owning Your Home

  • Buying a Home

    Buying a Home

    There are many positives to buying a house, including the following:

    • Predictable monthly payment. Your mortgage payment typically stays the same each month, helping with budgeting.
    • Portfolio diversification. Having a diversified investment portfolio is important in today’s volatile market. Real estate is an easy way to add another asset class to your investments.
    • Tax benefits. As a homeowner, you can deduct expenses like mortgage interest, property and real estate taxes and refinancing points. Some states, like Michigan, offer a homestead property tax credit. This means the states help pay some of your property taxes if you meet certain requirements.
    • Equity building. Home equity — or the portion of your home you truly own — is a valuable asset and is something unavailable to those who are leasing. With each mortgage payment, the portion that goes toward principal represents an increased ownership of your property. As you pay down your mortgage and your home gains value, your home equity increases. You might also build equity by tackling smart renovation projects that increase your home’s value by more than the project’s cost.
    • Option of leasing property. While you probably don’t think of your home as an income source, you could. Leasing out part or all of your home can bring in income — just ensure you abide by all local lease laws.
    • It’s yours! Want to paint the walls orange? Knock down a wall? Go for it. Renovations are a fun privilege that most lessees don’t get to enjoy.
    • Becoming part of a community. If you make the commitment to buy, you’ll be vested in the growth and development of your community — keeping it great for the next generation. Volunteering at local schools or starting a neighborhood watch program are great ways to meet people and help put down roots.
  • Why Should You Consider a HomeFirst™ Certified Home

    By now, you might be wondering if a HomeFirst Certified home is the right move for you. Consider that with HomeFirst Certified:

    • Your monthly home payment could be significantly less than the costs incurred for leasing, giving you more value for your money.
    • That payment is fixed throughout the term of the loan and would have no prepayment penalty.
    • On-time home loan payments can help you re-establish good credit.
    • You’ll get an affordable, luxury-style home that lets you invest in real estate and property. Each monthly payment increases your equity in the home.
    • The interest on your home loan may be tax deductible — please consult your tax adviser.
    • There’s a minimal pet fee for dogs and no monthly pet fees for other community-approved pets.
    • Interior modifications to your home don’t require approval.

    But we know there are more considerations than just the financial ones when contemplating manufactured homes for sale in Michigan. There are also many subjective factors that affect your final decision. Consider each one carefully to ensure you’ve made an objective, well-thought-out decision.

    At HomeFirst Certified, we know how important it is to have a place called home, whether you’re buying or leasing. We pride ourselves on building communities, not just homes. Amenities like parks, fitness centers and stunning scenery are not the only reasons for buying a manufactured home through us. Consider these additional benefits to owning a HomeFirsthome:

    • Twenty-four-hour on-site management provided
    • Five-year, rate-guaranteed home site leases
    • Year-round community activities and events

    These are the high standards make our communities a lifestyle choice, not just a house!

  • If You’re Ready to Get Started, We’re Ready to Help

    What are you waiting for? Let us help you turn your dream of home ownership into a reality!  Contact us to get moving — literally — toward your new home.

Renting Your Home

  • Leasing a Home

    When you’re considering places to lease in Michigan, there’s a lot to account for. Below are some things you’ll want to consider.

    • Flexibility. Some people enjoy moving and living in new parts of the United States or even the world. Perhaps your job requires frequent relocation. Then for you, leasing allows the freedom to move without losing your financial interest in a home. You may incur fees if you have to break your lease, but even then, you and your landlord might be able find a way to offset or negate these costs.
    • Reduced homeownership costs. While there are some costs you’ll incur whether you lease or own, such as decorating and moving, you won’t have the financial burden of costs like realtor fees, major maintenance expenses and mortgage fees.
    • Financial liquidity. Owning a home can be a great asset to your portfolio. But it’s a difficult one to liquidate in the case of a financial emergency. Leasing lets you divert some of your money to liquid assets, improving your financial flexibility.
    • Improving or establishing credit. If you don’t have great credit, or you’re young and still establishing credit, leasing offers you an opportunity to build it. Paying rent on time is a great way to boost your credit. And because a good credit score is important — helping you buy a car or open a credit card account — timely payments can help you improve that number.
    • Utility coverage. While homeowners are on the hook for the cost of monthly utilities, some or all utilities may be covered under your lease.

What's Next?

  • Want to Find out More?

    Find a community you love and meet a Home Specialist today! Experience living in a HomeFirst™ Community!

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    Choose any HomeFirst™ Certified Community, and we’ll pay to relocate your home.

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