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Have it All in Hartland Meadows

Being a new resident in a city can be stressful at times.  Not knowing where anything is such as grocery stores, movie theaters, or convenience stores are only a few of the places that you’re going to have to search for in the city.  Being a new resident of Hartland happens to be quite welcoming, though, especially if you made the decision to move to HomeFirst™’s Hartland Meadows manufactured housing community.

Moving into a manufactured home is a wonderful choice you can make in your life right now because of the money you’ll save instead of moving into a traditional house.  There are over 600 homes located in HomeFirst™ Hartland Meadows and there are always at least a few that are for sale.  So if you haven’t moved into a manufactured home yet, keep your eyes open on a daily basis because the house of your dreams could be available at Harland Meadows tomorrow.  

Friendly by Nature

With a population just under 15,000 people, Hartland is filled with entertainment and is also located right next to highways M-59 and US-23 so, it’s easy to get anywhere in Southeast Michigan.  There are four elementary schools located in the city, so if you have young ones, you’re in luck because you’re sure to find an elementary school within minutes of Hartland Meadows.

The schools in Hartland aren’t the only terrific things in the city. Two new parks opened for the first time in 2013! Hartland Heritage Park and Settlers Park feature soccer, baseball, and lacrosse fields and are both graced with walking paths so, if you feel like taking a break from spending time around your home for a couple hours, drive to one of these nearby parks and relieve some stress. 

Friends and Family Welcome

When you first move into HomeFirst™ Hartland Meadows you might think you’re moving far away from friends and family, but that’s not the case.  If your loved ones live closer to Metro Detroit, it’s only a 20 minute ride on M-59 and they’ll be happy to visit you at your new beautiful new home in such a nice community. Many of our residents love hosting family parties, especially when they have access to our nice community clubhouse. Our spacious clubhouse in Hartland Meadows can give you lots of room to accommodate your friends and family.  Even if it’s the middle of winter, your family will be glad that they don’t have to celebrate another holiday party in another cramped traditional house because now you have the opportunity to use the community clubhouse.

If you’re looking to save money, moving to Hartland Meadows is an excellent decision. Since our homes are so affordable, just think of all the money you’ll save which can go to other expenses.  You could pay down debt, build up a savings account, or use the money you save for something fun like travel or holiday gifts. Take a look at some of the homes for sale in this great community and contact us if there’s anything you’re interested in. It’s a terrific place to call home!

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