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Hartland — Perfect for Active Kids!

If you spend time with kids, you know how full of energy they can be. They love to run, jump around, climb on playground equipment, and play games for hours on end. It’s important for kids to be able to have opportunities to burn off some of that youthful energy. Not only is it fun for them, it’s a great way for them to start learning to love exercise.

As a resident of our Hartland Meadows manufactured home community, kids will have a community playground to have fun on, but what if they’d like to have fun in some other ways, too? You’re in luck because Hartland is full of ways for kids to get active!

Hartland Community Education offers a lot of different programs and fitness classes for people of all ages, including kids. For kids, they have a jump rope class, karate, gymnastics, dance, and more. They even have some programs families can do together with their kids, like Sanchin Ryu-Karate, yoga, and pickleball.

Bounce Gymnastics at the Hartland Sports Center is another place that kids love to have fun at. It’s the largest gymnastics facility in Livingston County and it’s fun for all ages. They have a lot of age-appropriate gymnastics classes for kids, even some for pre-schoolers and babies under the age of 2. They also have open tumbling and open bounce sessions for students to go to in between classes if they just can’t get enough gymnastics and you don’t necessarily want them practicing around your manufactured home. If gymnastics isn’t quite your kid’s style, perhaps they’d be more interested in Tae Kwon Do, which is also offered at Bounce Gymnastics.

The Hartland Area Youth Athletic Association provides Hartland kids with tons of opportunities to gain the benefits of participating in a sports team. They have football, basketball, baseball, softball teams and cheerleading squads for kids of various ages to join.

As kids get older and turn into teenagers, they still need ways to stay active. Luckily, Hartland High School offers a wide variety of sports teams for students to join. They have teams for cross country, track, baseball/softball, golf, swim, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, bowling, basketball, hockey, and more. They even have more unique teams like equestrian and archery! 

No matter how old your kids are, they’ll have lots of ways to stay active in Hartland. With so many great ways to have fun, your kids will absolutely love living in Hartland Meadows. And by being located in the Hartland Consolidated Schools district, your kids will be able to get a first-rate education, too. According to SchoolDigger, Hartland Consolidated Schools are rated in the top 20% of all Michigan school districts! With so many great resources in the area, Hartland Meadows is truly an excellent place to raise a family, so take a look at the manufactured homes for sale in this great community today!

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