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Hartland — A Nature Lover’s Dream!

How do you like to spend your free time? If the first things that come to mind are all things like camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, or biking — or any other activity that involves spending time in the outdoors — it only makes sense that you’d want to live in an area that’s close to parks where you can do those types of things.

If you’re a big fan of spending time outside and are looking for a new home, look no further than HomeFirst™’s Hartland Meadows manufactured home community. This community is located in Hartland, Michigan, centrally located near not just one, but several, amazing state parks.

As a resident of Hartland Meadows, you’d be living just down the road from the Highland State Recreation Area. This beautiful park covers nearly 6,000 acres of land and visitors can partake in just about any outdoor activity you can imagine: boating, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, biking, camping, hiking, and more. During the winter months, visitors are also welcome to go cross-country skiing or snowmobiling. Whether you just want to spend a relaxing day at the beach or want to go for a nice hike, the Highland State Recreation Area is the perfect place to be. They have over 17 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy and 15 miles of advanced trails for mountain bikers.

Just a little bit further down the road from the Highland State Recreation Area are the Indian Springs Metropark and the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area. The Pontiac Lake Recreation Area is known for its great hunting and fishing while the Indian Spring Metropark is an excellent place for hikers. Some of the hiking trails at Indian Springs Metropark take you through a variety of different types of environmental settings, including wooded wetlands, restored prairie land, and meadows. The park also has a golf course, an environmental discovery center, a fun “Spray ‘N Play” area for kids, and much more.

The Proud Lake State Recreation Area is another excellent park located very close to our Hartland Meadows community. Proud Lake is an incredible place to visit for some canoeing, kayaking, camping, hiking, biking, or just to have a picnic. You can visit Proud Lake at any time of the year and find something to do or a new view to enjoy.

Hartland Meadows is also located conveniently near the Island Lake Recreation Area and the Brighton Recreation Area. The Island Lake Recreation Area has often been described as being able to offer an “up north” experience without having to leave the lower peninsula. In addition to offering things like a beach, hiking trails, and fishing, Proud Lake is unique for being the only Michigan state park with a hot air balloon port. The Brighton Recreation Area is one of the best places in the area to go horseback riding with 18 miles of trails designated for equestrian activities. Visitors can also play some disc golf and try their hand at geocaching!

These are just a few of the parks that are close to our Hartland Meadows community. If you travel just a little bit further north, you’ll be able to visit Rose Oaks County Park, the Seven Lakes State Park, and the Holly Recreation Area. All of these are some of the most beautiful parks in the entire state of Michigan and as a Hartland Meadows community, you’ll be able to visit any of them anytime you like!

Living in such a spectacular location can also be extremely affordable. At Hartland Meadows, we have mobile homes for sale that can fit into any budget. Even if you never thought you’d be able to afford to own a home, you can afford a manufactured home. Less-than-perfect credit? No problem! Contact us today to schedule an appointment to see a home in Hartland Meadows. Not ready to buy? We also have manufactured homes to rent!

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