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Halloween Craft Headquarters

Halloween Crafts
This year instead of running out to the store, save money and spend time with family and friends crafting creepy and festive decorations for Halloween. Set a date to have family and friends over, set up a crafting area and enjoy the night picking out which crafts to try out. At the end of the night you get to set up your crafts and check out the transformation of your home, just make sure you don’t spook your neighbors too much!

We want to be your Halloween craft headquarters, so we’ve been looking all over the Internet to find you the easiest and best craft projects to try out at home. Luckily we found the perfect compilation from Country Living magazine: 55 Halloween Craft Projects. And on a side note, these crafts are all kid-friendly so bring the kids in for extra fun.

Photo Credit: Wendy Piersall

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