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Grow Plants During the Fall and Winter at HomeFirst

Nobody likes to see the summer end and with leaves falling off all the trees, it sometimes leaves people with seasonal depression. But just because the seasons are changing, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to having beautiful plants and flowers to admire until next year. Many types of plants and flowers flourish during the fall and winter months and being able to keep watching plants grow during the colder months can help make them a little more pleasant.

But if you live in a HomeFirst™ manufactured home community, you can grow these beautiful cooler-weather plants right out front of your manufactured home.  These beautiful, colorful plants and flowers can give the exterior of your home a new look this time of year. But these types of plants often have different needs than other types of plants and flowers. Different plants come with different rules, and each one must be followed for the perfect garden this fall and winter.

Placement of the Seed is Key

Whenever you’re planting the seeds for your winter plants to grow, be mindful of the wind speed and direction it’s blowing around your manufactured home at any given time.  No wind and lots of sun tends to work best for winter plants. The most popular winter plant is the Camellia, which,  when at full bloom, is a luscious pink flower sure to impress your friends and neighbors. When they see the scenery outside your manufactured home during the cooler months, they’re going to be asking you for gardening tips!  

The only downfall to planting in the winter is the wait for your flowers to bloom.  Most flowers will take over a year to bloom, and the Camellia is no exception.  Although it takes a while for winter flowers to bloom, it’s all worth it in the end after all the hard work, time, and patience that you put into nurturing the garden.

Tending to Winter Plants

There are plenty of fall and winter plants to choose from to grow around your home, but exactly how do you tend to them with the weather drastically different than when you would normally plant flowers in the spring or summer.  If you have kids who like to play outside around your manufactured home, make sure you mark out where you planted your flowers so, they don’t play near the area.  If they get too rambunctious near the seeds or disrupt the growing process, it could mess up the rest of the growing process in the coming months.  

Also, try to not let snow pile up where your winter flowers are planted because it could stall the growing process.  Clear the area where the plants are, and water just enough where you’re not flooding the plant. If you have excess water that sits for an extended period of time in the winter, we all know it freezes, which would definitely put a hold on the growing process.  

Separate your HomeFirst™ home from all the rest this winter by planting and grooming winter flowers that will make your house stand out.  You won’t lose that summer spirit during the cooler months when you have beautiful plants to attend to, something you might have thought was only possible during the summer.    

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