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Great Schools near Augusta Woods

When picking the right home for your family, not only is the physical structure important, but so too is the surrounding area. You want your family to grow in a safe environment, and that includes sending your kids to a great school district. Luckily, HomeFirst™ offers your family the best of everything.

With beautiful homes, friendly communities, and great schools close to home, when looking for a place to settle down, look no further than HomeFirst™! Augusta Woods, our manufactured home community in Willis, is located near some excellent schools in the Belleville area.

Keystone Academy

Keystone Academy is a public charter school located in Belleville, Michigan that offers exceptional, free education for your young students. They are known for scholarly excellence, including their 145% academic growth rate. Their teachers are all well-equipped and prepared to give your child the attention he or she deserves. Located only 4 minutes from Augusta Woods, Keystone Academy is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing exceptional education for your children.

McBride Middle School

Part of the Van Buren school district, McBride Middle School is home to the Vikings and home to excellence for your child. Their faculty strive to provide interdisciplinary education to all students, where students work together with teachers on strategy and other skills in small classroom settings.

Belleville High School

Also part of the Van Buren school district, Belleville High School is an excellent choice for your child as they make the next step in their education. Located just 10 minutes away from Augusta Woods, it’s the perfect school near a perfect home in HomeFirst™.

Lincoln High School

Lincoln consolidated schools offer both middle school and high school education for your children. Closer to the Ypsilanti area, yet still close to Augusta Woods, Lincoln High School is also a great choice when it comes to high school education for your children.
These are only a few options when it comes to picking great schools near Augusta Woods. Get started with new schools and new homes with HomeFirst™ today!

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